Superleague: Favorites confirmed their status

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The Championship Of Ukraine



Donbass – ZTR – 29:32 (11:18).

D: Semenchenko (8), Pitching (6), Malyarevich (4). S: Akimenko (9), Artemenko (8), Tilte (6).

ZTR began aggressive. The second hand did four turns in the gates of Dmitry Veremchuk conceded four goals. One ball played Gregory Semenchenko. ZTR could develop success, when “Donbass” was deleted Vladimir Keel. But for those two minutes, missed two goals, and another when the names were equal.

Vitaly NAT, coach ZTR, off the bench chided the team, and she responded with three “dry” ball. On 17 th minute – 9:11. And then 12 minutes of Mariupol could not penetrate Kryuchkov. Over the same time ZTR scored seven times. The gap was dangerous – 9:18. Two turnovers in the last fifteen minutes of the half was worth two goals against ZTR.

In the second half, “Donbass” started as though he had forgotten what was lost during the match nine points. The team worked well. To 40 minutes, managed to play four more goals – 19:22. ZTR once again won the run with a 3:0 score, largely thanks to Alexander Tilte, which at this moment took on the burden of a leader. “Donbass” for the first ten minutes played and three goals – 24:27. And then there was an exchange of goals, in which ZTR has retained the advantage.

Motor Power – 56:11 (30:9).

M: The Beetle (15), Shevelev (9), Gariga (7), Petrasek (5), Schinkel (5), Bulengo (4). E: Snigur (3).

Motor gave the rest Zakhar Denisov, Dmitry Doroshko, Artem Kozakevich, Puhovskaja Boris and Sergey Shelmenko. The composition was included young players in the child team of ZNTU-ZAS – Vladislav Parovinchak, Dmitry Goriga and Anton Petrasek. Energetik once again brought to the Playground, acting coach Yuri Kaverin. The team made of young players, are unable to provide decent resistance to the participant in the Champions League, although diluted by the players ZNTU-ZAS. In the second half, the visitors scored only twice.

It’s hard to remember when this was in the Championships of Ukraine. You can celebrate scoring play of Yevgeny Zhuk who missed a large handball because it rarely gets into the main part of the “Motor”. Stiffness in the action of both one and the other teams in this match was not. Only four penalty minutes and all of a champion. Yes, three – on-two.

ZTR-Petrel – Polytechnic – 33:20 (22:9). B: Grablev (8), Zalewski (6), Severin (4), Cherevko (4), Shcherbak (4). PL: Skorovich (6), Ill. Handle (5).

The owners of the site from the first minute of the match began to aggressively attack the gates of Ivan the Handle. The first throws of Alexey Shcherbakov and the Novel Goncharov, Ivan reflected. And then there was a goal scored linear “Polytechnic” Yuri Zahorovice. “ZTR-Petrel” quickly bounced back and scored four goals. The gap quickly grew and on 19 minutes he was already ten points (14:4). To reduce the gap Lvov could not. On the contrary, the advantage of “ZTR-Petrel” has risen to 13 goals. Most of the goals was scored just after numerous fumbles players “Polytechnic”. The owners of the site were good so the rightmost Ilya Grebnev, repeatedly fleeing into the lead.

In the second half instead of the goalkeeper Maxim Punica coach “ZTR-Petrel” released Aleksandr Kovalchuk, and Grebneva was replaced by Daniel Glushak. Games they are not spoiled, but not increased. A few times, “Polytechnic” has closed the gap to ten goals, but more to achieve failed. “ZTR-Petrel” for the second time this season defeated the team from the city.

Anatoly VLASOV, the Sport-Express in Ukraine


1. ZTR 11 9 2 0 20 410-244

2. Motor 8 8 0 0 16 387-157

3. Donbass 8 6 1 1 13 255-210

4. ZNTU-ZAS 9 5 1 3 11 286-238

5. Portovik 9 3 1 5 7 243-280

6. CSKA 9 3 1 5 7 214-277

7. ZTR-Petrel 10 3 0 7 6 277-287

8. Energy 9 1 0 8 2 183-367

9. Polytechnic 11 1 0 10 2 217-412

Next matches. 7 Dec: the Donbass – Polytechnic. 8 Dec: the Motor – ZTR-Petrel. 9 Dec. Portovik – CSKA.

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