Super League: First round – favorites (VIDEO)

Kiev. The Palace of sports. “Kiev-Basket” – “Nikolaev” – 82:70. In attack Paul KRATOS. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE” in Ukraine”

ZAPOROZHYE – CHERKASKI MAVPY – 105:87 (25:27, 31:11, 27:27, 22:22)

“Zaporizhia”: Holton (20), Kondrakov (10 + 8 rebounds + 6 assists + 3 steals), hill (15 + 8 rebounds + 3 steals), Mironenko, pressly (9 + 2 block-Shota) – start; Trent (35 + 8 rebounds + 4 assists + 3 steals), Shevchenko (13), Avdeenko (3), Butz, Titov.

“Cherkaski mavpy”: Boyarkin (0 + 9 assists), Kolchenko (15), Otverchenko (3) Lipovtsy (3 + 6 rebounds), Skopintsev (2) – start; young (25 + 6 assists), Coakley (13), Tkachenko (12 + 2 block-Shota), Knicks (5 + 5 rebounds), Chumakov, Governor (9).

26 Mar. Zaporizhia. DS “the Youth”. 1500 spectators.

Willingness and ability “map” to work at high speeds and utmost responsibility in the defense only lasted for the first period. During this time the owners of the site could not be determined with the role of chief conductor of the achievement of the tactical ideas of the coach Valery Plekhanov.

But as soon as Michael Holton habitually earned not only on his own “I” and collective “we”, then immediately on the full program was revealed Malik Trent, which bad helped Kendall hill. Therefore, the breakthrough Zaporozhan in the second quarter – 23:9 continued with the next series immediately after the big break – 10:1.

Reaching benefits in 25 points, then the team of Valerii Plekhanov turned into productive hold previously extracted. And nailed it on “cheers”, although the playmaker “Cherkasky MVP” Brandon young Tom resisted extremely selfless. But needs help from partners has not received, so on “-12” guests in their quest of a comeback in the final quarter has not moved.

KIEV-BASKET – NIKOLAEV – 82:70 (23:23, 19:13, 22:21, 18:13)

“Kiev-basket”: Gorobchenko, Creek (21 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists), Kratos (25), Calavan (2 + 8 rebounds), Nwankwo (13 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists) – start; Latkovic (3 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists), Davis (0 + 11 rebounds + 5 assists + 2 blocked shots), Socks (13), sandul (5 + 7 rebounds + 2 block-Shota), Lutsenko.

“Nikolaev”: Zotov (13 + 5 rebounds + 9 assists), priests (6), Omeara (12), Davidyuk (7 + 4 steals + 2 blocked shots), Adediran (13 + 7 rebounds) – start; Johanek (7), Priymak (5), Tonchenko (5), Musienko (2), Based.

26 Mar. Kiev. The Palace of sports. 1700 spectators.

Anyway, and the absence of the injured Alexey Onufriev at the tactical potential of “Nikolaev” affected very significantly. Of course, with the sign “minus”. Formidable long-range weapon “seagulls”, as productive with the presence of this renowned sniper not found the necessary compensation, but in the confrontation with the “Kiev-Basket”, whose coach Evgeni Murzin is famous for its commitment to safety “since”, this component is just not enough.

In the second quarter of Kiev, the efforts, first of all, Maurice Creek and Paul Krutaya, made the first serious separation. However, in the third period Vitaly Zotov and Anton Davidyuk went dead series three-pointers and revived the intrigue.

However, in another feat in the final quarter of the guests were not honored. And the technical fouls of the same Zotov and mentor “Nikolaev” Vitaly Cherny earned on the emotional outbursts of understanding of the loss of the last hope of success, finally tipped the scales in favor of Metropolitan players.

Thus, both of the losing teams still have a chance to win in the repeated confrontations on their sites, but the current of victory “Zaporozhye” and “Kiev-Basket” indicate the attitude of these groups is necessary to continue the struggle for the medals in the semifinal stage of the championship.

To argue with these cherkaschanin and nikolayevets became much more complicated…

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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