Summer 2017: the holiday season is open

Although summer is to wait for two months, but we know – the sooner the cheaper. So plan your summer vacation right now, and it is better to book tickets and accommodation.
Indeed, many tour operators are the so-called promotions early booking. Now comes the third stage – you can still catch up until the end of April. Offers with maximum discounts, that is the first stage, was formed in December, and the second stage of the early booking took place in January and February, said in comments to the website “24” Director of development of a network of travel agencies “TOUR the BOUTIQUE” Oksana Zakrevskaya.
The journalists of “24” was asked about the trends of the summer season, in which countries in the summer often go to relax Ukrainians how much it will cost children’s rest abroad and that the offer in Ukraine?
Cheap Bulgaria, Spain, Greece
Traditional Turkey and Egypt as well as Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Cyprus – direction, which often this season booked by tourists. An increase in the activity relative to the early booking of tours, but also remain a popular last-minute deals, Zakrevsky says. Tourists in March-April even book tours on Aug.
The budget option of a holiday abroad is Bulgaria, because there are cheap apartments that can be taken without food. The hotel can cost about 9-10 dollars (200-270 UAH) per person, per night, sometimes even cheaper, says Deputy Director of tour operator “Sakums” Mariana, Pritulok. Hotel with Breakfast will cost more.
If you get bus tours to Bulgaria from Kiev it will take 24 hours. The cost of such travel is on average up to $ 60 (1 600 UAH). Therefore, if you want to tour, you can invest in $ 100 (2 700 UAH) per person.
Also do not forget that the price depends on seasonality. If in June you can pay 160-200 dollars (4300-5 400 UAH) per person, in July-August the cost of living in hotels could double.

Bulgaria – budget and popular among Ukrainians
Good comes at a price and the “bus” Spain. This trip will cost $ 650 (17 550 UAH) per person. The price also includes a tour of facilities like nice, Cannes, Monaco, Sanremo, along with breakfasts and dinners on the road. Popular are trips by plane to the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Portugal. If before to open the Portuguese visa was problematic, now with this question, and many Ukrainians to fly.
Cheap and Greece. No night crossings, seven nights on the sea bus from $ 290 (from 7 800 UAH) per person. However, only with Breakfast, says Mariana, Pritulok. Greece is a good alternative to Bulgaria. If you compare with Bulgaria, in Greece, quite another sea, the climate, the better the excursion program. Airfare will be more expensive – from $ 400 (from 10 800 UAH) per week.
Note that the cost of leisure is an individual matter. Oksana Zakrevskaya notes: price of tours depends on the resort and the hotel category. Most often the cost of the tour includes airfare, group transfers from airport to hotel, medical insurance, accommodation and meals at the hotel.
Exotic – not the one to which we are accustomed
Summer is not the best time to travel to exotic countries, in the most to go there in autumn or winter. However, there are other areas, perhaps not in the classic sense of the exotic, but nonetheless an interesting and relatively new for Ukrainians. As the owner of the tourist company “travel Feerie” Igor Zakharenko, in the summer of exotics is Albania. It is little known to Ukrainians. Sweet, friendly, cozy, tasty, Sunny, and without a Russian visa. Besides – the safest country in Europe at the moment.
We do Charter flights to Albania every 11 days. Two seas, the mountains, there is something to see, friendly people, delicious cuisine. They prohibited chemicals for food production, says Zakharenko.
To go to Albania at a price of $ 420 (from 350 UAH 11) for 11 days per person, the cost will depend, in fact, from the resort and facilities.
Perhaps this is not exactly exotic, but… on holidays in may and June are perfect Jordan adds Zakharenko. Jordan has always been a very expensive country, so non-mass. Tours cost at least $ 2,000 (54 000). Now a week holiday with accommodation in a nice four – or five-star hotel can be booked from $ 500 (13 500 UAH) for one.

With the king, sheikhs and Bedouins – Jordan remains almost the same as it was throughout its history
Poland. Many who will say: what’s exotic? There is such Masurian landscape with wonderful lakes, says Zakharenko is swimming, fishing, delicious food, bikes, canoes, houses, ships, where you can spend the night, cozy in the woods. And it’s all in Olszyna.
To exotic holiday destinations safely possible to write down a small resort city in Egypt on the red sea – Marsa Alam, and it’s a very different Egypt, convinces Igor Zakharenko. It can be compared with the Maldives, Seychelles diving, huge turtles, dolphins, sea cows (although a lot of people said that they died and entered into the Black book – there is a possibility to check). Will cost from $ 300-400 (8 000-10 000 UAH) per week per person, depending on dates.

Marsa Alam diving with turtles
Sunny Croatia and Montenegro and “natural” Scandinavia
The sun that almost never sets behind the clouds, the combination of blossoms and mountain nature, the hospitality of the locals – you will find in Croatia, summer is also popular. The most colorful part of the region of Dalmatia. Holiday price starts from $ 300 (8 000 UAH) per person per stay at the villas.
At the same price will be Montenegro – the country of the sun. “Live here from the sun, for the sun and for the sun”, the famous Balkan traveler. For seafood lovers can relax in Budva and to see the traces of several civilizations in one of the oldest towns on the Montenegrin coast – Budva.

Montenegro: Budva. To spend vacation here
According to Igor Zakharenko, the summer is the least popular option is to Scandinavia. Safe country, short season, all go for natural beauty. Many tourists traveling to Norway and other Scandinavian countries, many in Scotland or England, says Zakharenko, that is, people want to look at nature, as well as, for example, lakes in Italy. Scandinavia is not cheap, the tour is for 12 days, will cost approximately 1 $ 200 (32 000) flights, excursions, breakfasts.

Scandinavia although not cheap is worth it to go there
With regard to the preferences of Ukrainians with the choice of countries for vacation, Oksana Zakrevskaya notes that tourists who had a rest in the premium hotels segment, their tastes have not changed. Most tourists opt for the proposal, given the criterion price-quality. For example, the cost for two beach tours starts from 400-500 dollars (10 000-13 000 UAH), and the tour – from $ 100 (2 700 UAH) for two, excluding visas.
Children’s rest
For this recreation the cheapest again Bulgaria. 14 days children’s activities with the road and four times the power can get away with $ 300 (a little more than 8 000 UAH). To get cheaper bus. The difference between bus and air tours, as a rule, 100 dollars (2 700 UAH) per person. That is, to fly to Bulgaria is more expensive, told the website “24” Director of travel company “Elita-Tour” Tatyana Huseynova.
Sales Bulgaria is one of the first places. Recently in Bulgaria opened new camps, the most popular remains the “Midia Grand resort”. For the fifth time in five years, they finished the stage, made a wonderful slide, expanded pools, she said.
According to Huseynova, in Europe the price of children’s rest in comparison with Ukraine is higher by 3-4 thousand hryvnia. The average child to spend two weeks in the camp out of 11 thousand hryvnias. To be 7 days, the price is divided into two.
To decide on such a holiday in advance. Every year the temporary space increases. If earlier permits were ordered in early summer, now in December-January, said Huseynov. This is speaking for individual bookings. The group – still early.
Ukraine: Kherson route
Besides remaining popular, not until the end of open routes in Ukraine, about which we repeatedly wrote, in the summer among Ukrainians demand beach vacation at sea “at home”. As noted in the comment to “24” Ekaterina Shilkina, the Director of tour operator “ArTravel.ks” little-known vacation spot for Ukrainians is a small resort village of Khorly, Kherson oblast, which is now actively developing.
Though the sea small village and go to the depth you need quite a long time, there’s another feature at the village is a freshwater lake with silver water, more impurities of colloidal silver, and on the shore just rolls over concentration of iodine. So many people go there just for healing water.
Quiet, peaceful surroundings, fresh air – the same as in Skadovsk shallow sea – many go there with the kids. This is our only resort, where there is a net protection from jellyfish, says Shilkina.
Interesting in the Kherson region in the summer – a new direction in French – the island Dzharylgach, on the Black sea. Here already built a few rooms for living or to spend the night, “savage”, plus cook a meal or buy ready-made.
If you’re going on holiday with children – suitable Arabat spit. Here the warm sea, no jelly fish and wind, plus the lowest prices on the coast of the Kherson region with a good living conditions.
On the territory of Arabat spit in this year to build and open the Waterpark, plus there is a Dolphinarium and Safari Park, says Shilkina.
Regarding the price of accommodation: the private sector is from 70 UAH per person per night in season more expensive, depending on conditions and line location. Sometimes the private sector on terms and conditions not inferior to mini-hotels. About pensions – they have also begun to actively build the living conditions good enough, the price – 200-250 UAH per day per person without food. Standard rooms or Junior suites.

Dzharylgach island: here it is best to go with tents
Again – a clear categorization of numbers there. Each is the sum of as he pleases, but the average room with a TV and air conditioning with amenities in the room is 200-250 UAH, a mini-holiday in the Arabat spit, said Shilkina. Iron Port (perfect for youth recreation) – more expensive, there’s the first line from 300-400 UAH. If it’s a good Guesthouse with meals – may be about 1000 UAH per person.
To plan this holiday is now, she adds, because in the summer we get there. Last year a lot of people were left without seats, had to settle elsewhere. Like in the car, and in the morning to go to the housing search. Agree – not the best option. In the end, the cost of living pensions increase proportionally to the demand – price may vary almost daily. So on summer vacation, it is useful to think today.

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