Subsidies will give cash – Minister

Subsidies in March you can get cash. Photo: The People’s Truth

Since March, grants will be given in cash. About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva said that the grants will provide cash and noncash, to test which system works better.

“There was a meeting with the President, with the participation of the Prime Minister, several Ministers, stakeholders like Ukrposhta, Naftogaz, Pension Fund, public organizations, representatives of condominiums. It was a political decision that those people for whom the grant is assigned from October, to translate into monetary calculations in the form of cash since March. This is in order to may understand which mechanism is more effective. The clearing mechanism we have launched since January 1, and now are working on a cash – on a pilot basis we are going to give money and see how it will work.”

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During the heating season subsidies amount to 1.5 thousand UAH.

“Today we have 4 million to grantees, the average amount of subsidy is 1.5 thousand UAH during the heating season. Is 6 billion in the month will give away cash”.

January 1, 2019, the Ukraine has begun the first phase of the monetization of subsidies. They monetize for those first time to seek help.


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