Submarine Antey with 72 Calibers for US

Submarine Antey rearming Caliber: It will be a terrible film wasofficially construction, the Russian Navy has isostylis from nuclear deterrence to defense “Calibers”. Record

the rate of re-equipment of four giant submarine project “Antey”. Such equipment is a real nightmare
for the air defense of the United States…


72 “Caliber” submarine “Omsk” for Los Angeles: It’s a terrible horror movie

The Author – Sergey Ishchenko

In the course of his working trip to the defensive enterprises of the Far East Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov did just amazing in these times and makes us think about many things statement.

At the far Eastern plant “Zvezda” in ZATO bolshojj Kamen Borisov said that in three years the Pacific fleet can get from four atomic missile submarine of the project 949АМ “Antey” (sistership who died tragically in 2002 of the “Kursk”) with high-precision long-range missiles “Kalibr-PL”. And well if only it promised in the defense Ministry in recent years to our Navy what he wanted. In practice, much yet remained only on paper . Not without reason defense Minister Sergei Shoigu were ordered to urgently prepare a special meeting with the shipbuilders about the chronic failure of the program of replenishment of the fleet of new and modernized units.

But, according to his Deputy Borisov, actually not all that bad. Something we intend to put in the combat composition just Stakhanov pace ahead of all approved schedules. Namely, the first of four upgraded Pacific “Ante” — nuclear submarine “Omsk” instead of 2019 will be commissioned as promises him, already this year. And the decision to significantly speed up the return of the other three “Ante” is also evident. And — made it just in the last few months. After all, in June 2017 the same Borisov said that the modernization of these submarines will last until 2025.

Against the background of numerous “shifts to the right” of the orders of the military authorities in almost all of our shipyards, the last statement of the Deputy Minister of defense just sounds festive. And of course, I wanted to find out, why the priority of replenishment of the Navy now built that way.



Now look what picture is generally in domestic shipbuilding. The other day, February 1, was 12 years as the St. Petersburg “Severnaya Verf” is trying to bring to mind the head frigate of the project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”. The sailors promised to transfer the ship first in 2011, then in 2016, then in 2017. Now they say watch out “for 2018.”

There for five years tinkering with the ship logistics project 23120 “Elbrus”. The contractual obligations it had to convey the Northern fleet in 2014. Not handed so far.

Nothing is impossible with the surrender of black sea fleet of small missile ship “Vishny Volochek” (project 21631 “Buyan-M”). Laid down in Zelenodolsk in 2013. In November last year it began state trials “Vyshniy Volochek”, but quickly stalled. Now scheduled a new frontier complete — “no earlier than April 2018.”

Well, the real “king” of this theatre of our shipbuilding failures – large landing ship of project 11711 “Ivan Gren». It was founded in Kaliningrad in 2004. To bring the “Ivan Gren” at least to the stage of sea trials took 12 years. November 30, 2017 with grief in half began its state tests. But no one dares today to set a date for their completion. And all because in the process of building the military made so many changes to the project that all wishes were just impossible to fit the original idea. In the end, that is still out to sea for testing under the name “Ivan Gren”, the workers bitterly nicknamed “Frankenstein”. And, it seems, now this “miracle” scares even the main command of the Navy of the Russian Federation. Which is in no hurry to take “Ivan Gren» under his sovereign hand.



Technology causes each of these problems different. And here to touch on each of them will not — not about that now speech. And it’s about the fact that even though we, as the announcement of Yuri Borisov, it turns out, have learned to race against time and the graphs of the shipbuilding works. If an atomic missile submarine “Omsk” will indeed be introduced in the Navy in the year-earlier period, it is possible just say: in modern Russian history of precedents that did not happen. How and why this failed in a Big Stone?

It is important to understand that the Pacific fleet will receive along with the updated “Omsk”. Initially, the huge nuclear submarines of project 949 and 949A (a displacement of more than, say, the guards missile cruiser “Moskva”) known for its impressive size “trucks», was built as a “hunters for the carriers». Because it was believed that the carrier strike groups of the U.S. Navy comes one of the major threats to our country.

And I must say, “water trucks” was well equipped for the hunt. Each — 24 the world’s most brutal anti-ship cruise missiles P-700 “Granit“that can fly at a distance of 500 kilometers at a speed of 2.5 “sound”. In the salvo underwater shooting “Granites” intervals in seconds. Then go zigzagging, waiting for the last rocket. Then line up to order front and supersonic pack rushing on the target. In the email view, the defense attacked the ship all the “Granites” occur simultaneously. To determine the most dangerous target to shoot at in the first place is impossible — equally dangerous to all. In such circumstances, in the best case possible on the approach to knock down a small part of cruise missiles. But 24 — no life. And then at least a few penalty “Granites” weighing 7.3 tons each is guaranteed to stick in the carrier.



Why are we now, it turns out, ready to abandon such an effective “Ante”? Because to date, it became clear that the role of the us carriers has been steadily declining. This is acknowledged by overseas experts, insisting that the construction of a new “floating airfields” only makes sense if you continue to participate in wars like the one that is now in Syria. Or if again pieces to smash Libya. For great war aircraft carriers every year good less. The presence of Russia’s and China’s coastal missile complexes large range, amounting to many hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers, just will not allow carrier strike groups impunity to come to the shores of the enemy even at the turn of the rise of carrier-based aircraft.

Simultaneously in the modern world is steadily growing factor in non-nuclear deterrence. The possession of a large Arsenal of modern precision weapons allows suddenly to strike any enemy unacceptable damage in the form of ruined factories, power plants, dams, bridges, command posts and communications, airports, marinas, etc. Moreover, it is The United States is particularly sensitive to this kind of threat. Because, accustomed to the safe life in the oceans, they have until recently not particularly concerned about the development of the air defense system of their country. And from Russia in this matter have lagged behind for decades.

Thus, the problem for us non-nuclear deterrence today has focused on how quickly and covertly deliver more cruise missiles “Caliber” closer to the borders of the United States. Forcing them to experience the same feelings that we do when we see the active construction of American military bases, for example, in Eastern Europe.

“Water-carriers” as platforms for “Caliber» fit perfectly. Their large size allows a new high-precision cruise missiles in naval mine put dozens. More specifically — instead of 24 “Granite” in the case of each of the nuclear-powered submarines of project 949 and 949A you can install up to 72 “Caliber”. Compare this with the possibilities of the newest project 11356 frigates type “Admiral Grigorovich» (only 12 CU “Caliber-NK»). Or became famous during the war in Syria, the small missile ships of project 21631 “Buyan-M” (for 8 CU “Caliber-NK»).

So in fact, even “Violent”, each of which is only the size of a small seiner, 2015 stunned the American magazine The National Interest wrote: “Buyan-M” with eight missiles “Caliber-NK” on Board provides a massive impact it is now derived from the US Navy frigate “Oliver hazard Perry”, and certainly has more firepower than any of the American warships of the coastal zone of LCS”.



According to the magazine, with the combat capabilities of the 950-ton “Buyan-M” can be compared with only us destroyers URO type “Arleigh Burke» and missile cruisers of the “Ticonderoga”. But they are definitely much larger and much more expensive.

What is The National Interest I will write about the transformation of the nuclear submarine “Omsk”, if that really is the end of this year there will be in the sea with seven dozens of “Caliber” on Board? And then I am heading to cruise somewhere closer, say, to the quays of the 8 million Los Angeles with its Hollywood and horror films? Americans will definitely be very sad to know that this “joy” they are somewhere near by. But Omsk still try to find in the depths of the ocean…

In fact, we have before us further evidence, recently in Russia a priority, it seems, more non-nuclear weapons. At the top decided that it is more important in high-precision conventional warheads. You can apply without fear to send at the same time to heaven itself and the entire rest of the world.

If this guess is correct, it becomes clear why we organized upgrade of the Pacific “anteia”. And something at the end of last year suddenly made unheard of before crashing the construction of a nuclear underwater rocket cruiser of strategic purpose “Prince Oleg” the project 955A “Northwind”? In an unexpected the President of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov this is important for the country the site was sudden and unheard of before in the improvement of the nuclear “triad” a lack of funding. “SP” already in detail told about it.

Where is the money gone? But on the “anteia” may have gone. Because at the same time with “Omsk” under “Caliber-PL” to convert Pacific nuclear submarine “Irkutsk”, the submarine “Chelyabinsk” and the submarine “Tver”. Their combined volley after leaving the Large Stone will be almost three hundred high-precision cruise missiles, capable of thousands of miles to get to any window. And, believe me, a very significant trump card in any negotiations with the Americans.




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