Students Onmeda require Groisman save the University and to dismiss Suprun


Students of Odessa national medical University during a protest addressed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman demanding the resignation of the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun. The appeal was signed by more than 200 students.

January 16 students Onmeda string passed from the Cabinet to the Ministry with placards and wreaths. So they responded to the initiative of the Ministry of health to reorganize the University through the merger with the Crimean state medical University named. George. This is the students learned from the order published on the government website on January 14.

“We are outraged by the lawlessness that is happening around our school. Can’t observe how the top management of Ukraine destroys one of the oldest and prestigious universities of Ukraine”, — the statement says.



Students indicate that the Ministry of health systematically interfere in the activities of the University in violation of the law and it enshrines the principles of self-government of universities: “State policy in the sphere of higher education is on the path of hard totalitarianism.”

According to the protesters, Onmeda has become hostage to personal conflict Ulyana Suprun with “disloyal” to the University administration. “More than half a year in our University was illegal raider attacks, which paralyzed and undermined its credibility. But we had no idea that to satisfy the personal ambitions of the leaders of the Ministry of health is ready to destroy Alma mater”.


The students appealed to the Prime Minister with the requirement to maintain the status of the University and dismiss the heads of the Ministry of health. Otherwise, the protest will be indefinite. Cabinet of Ministers adopted and endorsed the appeal.

We will remind, the initiative of the Ministry of health was preceded by several unsuccessful attempts to change the leadership Onmeda. According to the law on higher education, University presidents are elected by the scientific Council, and not appointed by the governing body. In spite of this, the Ministry of health has appointed the acting rector of the University, the Deputy Minister of the government of Azarov Vladlen Dubinin. The University repeatedly attacked by aunts.

In December 2018 the academic Council elected acting rector Yuri Sukhin. The Ministry said that the decision of the Council of raider seizure and offered to create on the basis of Odessa and the Crimean universities new University — Odessa national medical University.


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