Student day 2018: when it is celebrated in Ukraine

Student day in Ukraine is celebrated twice – on 17 November and 25 January. The festival brings together young people who are studying in different parts of the world. On this day, students in many countries do not go to school, and the rest in clubs or hostels.
Why student Day is celebrated on 17 November and 25 January?

International student Day is celebrated on November 17 and January 25 – Tatiana’s Day, which is also associated with the day students.

Student day was established in London in 1941, at the international meeting of students. Why 17 Nov? On this day in 1939, the Nazis arrested and executed the leaders of the Czech Union of students. 1200 students were arrested and sent to concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. Nine students and activists of the student movement was executed without trial in the dungeons of the prison in Prague-Ruzyne. By Hitler’s order all Czech universities were closed before the end of the war. In honor of these events at the world Congress of students and was established the international Day of students. In Ukraine, the student Day was appointed by presidential decree in 1999.

On 25 January the Church celebrates the Day of Saint Martyr Tatiana. Celebrate this day in the national calendar. And people think January 25 students ‘ Day. In 1755, on 25 January, the Russian Empress Elizabeth was opened in Moscow, the first University, so the holiday is associated with a day student. Tatiana is considered the patroness of students. True in Ukraine on 25 January as a Day student is becoming less popular. Ukrainian students celebrate their day on November 17.

How to celebrate students ‘ day in different countries?

Polytechnio – day students of Greece. This day is the anniversary of the student protests that were violently suppressed by the military in 1973. Traditionally, November 17, thousands of people bring flowers to the graves and monuments of the participants of the events of 1973. Students organize rallies and demonstrations in support of the protection of democratic rights and freedoms.

In Denmark the student’s Day is different in that the holiday is surrounded by relatives. On this day in country is permitted to drink alcoholic beverages such as beer.

Student day in America is celebrated differently. Someone goes far beyond the city, visit night clubs, and there are those who just order food at home.

In Portugal, the holiday begins at midnight. Students sing odes near the monument to the king of Portugal. Also it is accompanied by singing various musical groups in city parks. Interestingly, each University has its own unique shape that young people traditionally shows during the procession of students.

In Germany, the Day of students each University can celebrate in different ways. Often in the day to cancel all classes, conduct sports competitions. If the weather permits, students celebrate in the open air, organize discos and parties.

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