Stoltenberg told about the threats facing NATO

Stoltenberg told about the threats facing NATO
20:53 Thu, 24 Jan 2019 Telegraph UKRINFORM news of the world: From the Kerch Strait to Salisbury – Stoltenberg in Davos spoke about the aggression of the Russian Federation.

His 70-th anniversary of NATO meets the conditions of dramatic changes in the world, but it does not change the main purpose for the protection of all allies.

On Thursday, January 24, in Davos, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg , who took part in the discussion about the future of the transatlantic Alliance, the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

“The role of NATO remains the same as it was in 1949 – to protect all allies. As then, we all understand that together, we feel safer than alone. The big difference is that now we live in a different world, and the Alliance has successfully adapted to such changes,” – said Stoltenberg.

He noted that the world has become much more complicated: if a few decades ago, the challenges in the security sphere was the result of the confrontation between the West and NATO, on the one hand, and between the USSR and the Warsaw Pact on the other, today there is no USSR, and 7 of the 8 members of the Warsaw Pact joined NATO.

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According to NATO Secretary General, has also changed the nature of the threats facing the allies. Among them – cyber threats, terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, regional instability, and calls from rivalry in the field of security of countries such as Russia, China and the United States. A big challenge was the behavior of Russia, which continued to be his own aggressiveness in different regions – from the Kerch Strait to Salisbury.

“The biggest concern is the possible destruction of the INF Treaty, which has been fundamental to our security. This Treaty, which was signed in 1987 and banned a whole class of missiles. The problem now is because Russia deploys new missiles in Europe, in violation of this agreement. The US said the meeting of foreign Ministers in December, until 2 February, if Russia will not return to execution of the agreement, the United States will begin the process of withdrawal from this agreement. We will meet Russia tomorrow at a meeting of the Council Russia-NATO in Brussels. And our main task will be to convince Russia to resume implementation of this agreement” – said Stoltenberg.

He recalled that these missiles are mobile, they are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, are difficult to detect, they have short flight times and can reach European cities.

Therefore, NATO has every reason to be together, to meet new threats, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

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