Stepanovsky: “Now “Kiev-basket” already a totally different team”

photo – the press service FBU

Coach yuzhnensky “Chemist” Vitaly Stepanovski exclusive on the eve of the match of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match against the “Kiev-Basket” said that Kiev has gained since their first meeting and now to beat them will be even harder.

You have twice been beaten Kiev, do you think you make whether the opponent this time a surprise?

– Now “Kiev-basket” already absolutely other command. Added Latkovic, which strengthened the organization of the game, and citizens have very different function in defense and attack. We will need to look for new keys to defeating the “Kiev-basket”. They have athletic performers and strong front line, led with Petrov.

The following rival “Nikolaev”, you still only played at home. What do you expect from meetings?

– Look, as they will have with the audience. So far, everything is such that we play we have in the South. At “Nikolaev” also a good team, play with energy, they cannot be underestimated. Even when they lost, their opponents of the victory did not come easily. With the advent of

What are the team’s plans at the time of the break in the championship associated with the “all star Match”?

– Pause is not that big. We will have a half-day break just. Will work in a usual mode.

Will increase before the playoffs?

– No. We will try to achieve the result of the current composition.

What tasks the team for the remainder of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match?

– Never attempt to occupy a specific place. There are still plenty of games ahead not look. Of course, you need to slowly prepare for the playoffs. So we are moving step by step.

A match “the Chemist” – “Kiev-basket” will be held on Sunday and will be broadcast live on TV channel XSPORT. Beginning at 14:00.

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