Stepanenko appeared in the form of Santa Claus, and then shown the skill in training (video)

Midfielder Donetsk “Shakhtar” Taras Stepanenko took part in the program “App..”, where the football stars share their skills with children. The footballer appeared in a Christmas outfit Santa Claus than puzzled by the children and leading the project.

And during the workout revealed previously unknown facts from the life of a midfielder.

What is the most pleasant gift you received as a child?

– As soon as I got balls, I all the time lucky gets to the tree the apricot, and there are small branches, and burst. And I had to carry the tire to do, then sew up back there, got out this ghoul, he became oval, egg-shaped. And somehow I have my grandfather went with mom bought a real ball, the leather one that was similar to professional. It was written made in Pakistan, this suggests that the quality. So, for me, this gift memorable.

You scored some great ball through to Mariupol. You train this kick?

We actually always play tennis-ball in the team. And when you’re standing underneath it, you throw and you hit in flight, this is a pretty dangerous shot, hard to take, because a strong rebound, and we use it. It is very well made Sasha Zinchenko, Eugene Konoplyanka, and it works.

Video apps “App..”

These days Stepanenko is with Shakhtar at the training camp in Turkey, where the team already played its first friendly match.

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