Steam refused to accept bitcoin

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Steam no longer accepts bitcoin as a payment method, announced today a major distributor of the computer game “Valve”. The company explains its decision, “the high price and financial instability of cryptocurrency”. In his blog, Valve has complained that last week the Commission cost for bitcoin rose to almost $ 20 per transaction, “compared with 0.20 per dollar when Bitcoin was included in our system.”

“The fee is now so high that we feel it is inappropriate as a refund and the request for the transfer of the shortage, which is exposed to the risk of non-payment, as it is unknown how to change the price of bitcoin during the new transaction,” – complained to the company.

Maybe Steam will reconsider this decision to remove bitcoin as the payment option if the currency will become more stable. However, at the moment the service works with any customers that are still dealing with underpayment or transaction fees. Just last week, the bitcoin price increased over 10 000 USD, which is 933% more than in January of this year.

Some governments, such as China, South Korea, Russia and more stringent and introduced specific rules on the cryptocurrency circulation. Or even banned directly.

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