Stay in Ukraine to 2017: here is to stop!

The holiday season in Ukraine has already begun. Our country is so diverse that you can come up with a holiday to suit every taste.
Of course, after the opening of the borders with the EU for Ukrainians, most will make an effort to go on holiday abroad. But really don’t have to spend a lot of money and time on the road, because here we have an incredible number of ideas and options for budget vacations.
The journalists of “24” has prepared interesting offers, where to relax in Ukraine in 2017.
Rest on the sea in Ukraine
Here the choice is big, because our country is washed by two seas: Azov and Black. And access to him in Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions, as well as in Avtomnoy Republic of Crimea, which is now occupied by Russia, so consider it as a holiday we won’t.
Zaporizhia in this list, some may surprise you, after all, his little-known resorts. Nevertheless, besides the warm sea of Azov, tourists here will find, and therapeutic mud and saline groundwater. So here it is useful to go to be treated.
Among the list of best resorts in this region, Berdyansk, Kyrylivka, Okhrimivka, Myronivka, Novokostiantynivka.

Vacation at sea: Berdyansk, Zaporozhye
In the Kherson region, as in the Odessa region, an incredibly large choice of resorts. For tourists there are offered from the two seas to choose from.
The sea of Azov you will find in Gangori, Genichesk, Small, Komierowski, Schastlivtsevo. Black, Iron Port, Skadovsk, Lazurnoe, Primorsko (Bolshevik), Horly, Arabat Spit.

Iron Port suitable for young people, because there are many clubs and bars
In the Nikolaev area is not as wealthy but he kompensiruet quality. Among the famous resorts of note Koblevo, Rybakovka, Ochakov, Kinburn the mower, Marine, meadow, Witted.

Koblevo – a wonderful stay in nikolayevshchina
The city Odessa is a resort of recreation although it is difficult to call, but rather for recreation of youth. In the Odessa region there are famous resorts like Zatoka, Karolino-buhaz, Black, Gribovka, Sychevka, Primorsko.

Zatoka, Odessa oblast
So, as you can see, the selection is large and designed for any size wallet.
For lovers of eco-tourism in Ukraine, just the same natural Klondike. Here the choice is enormous: there are the mountains and rivers, and grasslands, and canyons, and meadows …
For those who like alloys or always wanted to try this, there are the Dniester, Bucky, Teterevsky, smotritskii, Arbuzinsky (Nicholas, which is a very fast and dangerous, and even the oldest in Ukraine), Uzhgorod and Korostyshevsky canyons. We can say that Nikolaev is more dangerous, so here rafting is only for professionals.

Holidays in Ukraine: Bucci canyon
For whom the expression “Better than mountains can be only mountains” however, there is the incredible beauty of the Carpathians with peaks Hoverla, bruises, Hamster, etc. by the Way, in the Carpathians recently made the innovation as the Carpathian sea.
Kherson steppes will not leave anyone alone, especially in the flowering season, because they turn a variety of colors. You’re standing and the field is so wide that it seems a bit more and look over the edge of the earth. And there is no end in sight. And inhaled deeply. And feel like “the iron hand of the city” releases. Freedom begins here! True, boundless …

The incredible nature of Kherson region
About rivers of Ukraine and opportunities of this holiday, you can write forever … So we’ll just call the biggest, which it is possible to relax: from the Dnieper river (the largest river of our country), southern bug, Western bug, Dniester. By the way, regarding relaxation on the river, do not forget the French Riviera Ternopil and Kherson.
Castles and cultural heritage
It is also possible to write endlessly, but still not remember all of this important milestone – is just sacrilege. After all in Ukraine there are many nice castles: Mukachevo, zhovkivskiy, zbaraz, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khotyn, Svirzh, Chervonograd, Belgorod-Dniester, and another, and another, and another …
And it just locks up and then there are the historically important buildings of the city-architectural features (such as lions) and many more.
And yet – for those who were unable this year to get into the desert of Egypt, you have a great alternative – the largest desert in Europe, located in the Kherson region. We are talking about Oleshky Sands. Moreover, now there came up with a wonderful attraction rides quadracycle!

Oleshky desert
What is it? Probably in order to explain that the rest of the Ukraine is no worse than abroad. Every year it becomes more and more attractive, because there is an understanding of such concepts as service. Wish you a good rest at Home.

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