“States a little where it is needed. And lots and where it is not necessary”


Recently the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for human rights has sent me as a candidate 10 awkward questions relating to human rights. Imagine my surprise when I learned that from the long list of candidates, their responses provided only five. The rest ignored. The theme of the protection of human rights leaves no room for populism and lies. That’s why she’s unpopular in this election.

But we will never build a strong state, if the person, his rights and interests will not be recognized by the main value. The noise of populism and lies subside, the value of the person remains eternal. I insist that today we have to start working on the re-state. His whole coordinate system should rotate around and for man.

Open The Constitution Of Ukraine. Only a quarter of the text relates to human rights. The rest – the regulation of activities of public authorities. And in life: between man and state has increased the gap. They are like two wheels of one car that is spinning in different directions. Therefore, there is no progress. A person is engaged in self-survival, public institutions – self-preservation.

This model inherited from the Soviet totalitarian system and continues to exist. For the Soviet state, people were expendable. Since then formed a strong, almost genetic conviction that the state is a system that punishes.

Consider for a moment how you now perceive the public authorities, from the court, Prosecutor’s office, even updated the police. In the perception of the majority is strictly punitive institution. Bodies of the pressure redistribution, violence and destruction. Society sees in these institutions of protection, although it is primarily their task. There is no feeling that the public authorities work for the service man to feel free and protected.

State little where it is needed. And a lot of it’s not necessary. Starting from the hospital, kindergarten and school, we see that our main asset is the property, not the interests of the person. This is something that is inherent in a totalitarian system and can not be eradicated from the Ukrainian state.

We desperately need to return to the civilized States in which the main value is people. Change in level of consciousness. I believe that the main steps of the state toward the person should be:

1. In the army: the recognition of the primary values of the weapons and equipment, and soldier. Only the army, in which value the soldier, the officer and their families can overcome totalitarian army approaching from the East.

2. In the economy: freedom for the working man. Liberalization of the tax legislation, the dialogue of government with business. Transfer of regulatory functions of the state sectoral sectoral non-governmental organizations and associations.

3. In state management: focusing resources necessary to Fund human needs in local budgets. Over 90 percent of all human needs is implemented at the local level. However, if you look at the distribution of resources, it becomes clear that more than 70 percent of the funds coming from the Central budget. This is an inadequate situation.

4. In government: serving the interests of the person, a friendly attitude towards man and not against him.

5. In the social sphere: the guardianship of those who is unable to work; support of motherhood and childhood, assistance to disabled persons and veterans.

6. In the spiritual life: this thesis may be open to criticism, but I am convinced that any changes in the Church are worth nothing if people are not created the basic conditions for comfort. Benches in churches – it’s respect for believers and a manifestation of Christian caring for others.

7. Personal life: recognition of the rights of man above the laws of the state. If the law is contrary to the law must be changed. State interference in private life, the principle of “my body is my business.”

About these steps, you will not be screaming political ads on television. Because they do not fit into the framework of populist statements. The current policy has sunk to the level of performance at the theater where the man and the politician need each other only when one is in the role of the viewer, and the second actor. After the performance, they still don’t see the need in each other. Policy locked in the state. And the man again left alone with their problems.

Ukraine declared European integration course. One of the basic documents of the EU the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union. Man-centered document that enshrines political, social, economic, personal rights of EU citizens. It was adopted in 2000. for Nearly 19 years have passed since the proclamation of the Charter, and Ukraine, which is moving to Europe remains far removed from this document.

Here are a few articles of the Charter of fundamental rights of the EU, which I believe should be fixed in the Ukrainian Constitution:

Article 1. Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected. Article 23. The equality of men and women must be ensured in all areas, including employment, work and remuneration. Article 24. Children have the right to protection and care necessary for their well-being. They can freely Express their opinions. Article 25. The EU recognizes and respects the right of older people to live in dignity and independently and to participate in social and cultural life. Article 26. The EU recognizes and respects the right of persons with disabilities to benefit from measures designed to ensure their independence, social and occupational rehabilitation and participation in society. Article 29. Every person has the right to access to free employment services. Article 33. Family protection is provided on the legal, economic and social levels.

Ukrainian society has long outgrown the state. Revolution for revolution it developed, matured, made big steps forward. In exchange, the state, on the contrary, degraded, stayed in development.

Now there are two ways – either another revolution, or re-state. Propose to change the system, ranging from the Constitution. The basis of the new Constitution must become the interests and needs of the person. With regard to the work of the authorities, is enough to fix the laws. Our objective is to bridge the gap between state and society. Finally, a core value should be people.

Today, there are enough of those who seek to gain power. And very few of those who are able to organize in the interests of the people. I’m ready to take this job.


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