Star Abramenko and 15-year-old Priymak. The national team of Ukraine called a line-up for world Cup 2019

Alexander Abramenko / Photos of the NOC of Ukraine

From 1 to 10 February in the American Park city (Utah) will host the world Cup freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The national team of Ukraine at competitions on freestyle will present 6 athletes, including Olympic champion 2018 in ski acrobatics Alexander Abramenko.

The youngest in the Ukrainian team – 17-year-old Orest Kovalenko (slopestyle) and 15-year-old Victoria Priymak (Mogul). The composition of the team in the comments for XSPORT was named Vice-President of Federation of ski sport of Ukraine Vladimir Malezhik.

World Cup snowboarding and freestyle skiing-2019. The national team of Ukraine on freestyle

Ski acrobatics

Alexander Abramenko (04.05.1988, Mykolaiv region)

Olga Polyuk (15.09.1987, Rivne region)


Oleg Masira (24.07.1996, Ternopil region)

Victoria Priymak (12.06.2003, Ternopil region)


Orestes Kovalenko (11.01.2002, Rivne region)

Catherine Kozar (27.06.2000, Kiev)


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