St. Nicholas day 2018: the origins of the holiday and interesting customs

St. Nicholas day 2018: the origins of the holiday and interesting customs See photo (4)
08:49 Today, the Telegraph news of Ukraine: Today, December 19th, celebrating St. Nicholas Day – a holiday of magic and miracles.

The tradition to celebrate St. Nicholas day and give gifts to children began in Germany. So in Cologne Cathedral in the tenth century, December 6 feast day of St. Nicholas, the students and the students of the parish school began to pass out candy. And then in the houses of the country started to hang socks or shoes in order that St. Nicholas could put the kiddies gifts. New and bright tradition went quickly across Europe.

The history of the holiday

Saint Nicholas was born into a family of wealthy and decent people who did not have children until old age. Nicholas was born through the fervent prayers of the elders to the Lord, asking to grant them a son. Thus, the fact of the birth of St . Nicholas is a miracle, and his name means “conquer the people.”

Nicholas was born December 19 and from childhood showed his devotion to God. Noticing the great zeal of St. Nicholas the sacrifice, parents give him to the elders at the beginning of the uncle of the Bishop. During the dedication of St. Nicholas to the priesthood, the Bishop saw the fate of his nephew and predicted him a great future. Soon uncle went to Palestine, and Nicholas was left as Bishop of Patara.

Upon returning uncle from Palestine went to Nicholas himself. However, St. Nicholas did not remain in Bethlehem, in Palestine, and returned Home, where he became a monk. But God was displeasing to St. Nicholas monashestvoval and he sent it not in Patar, where everyone knew and respected, and in Lycia.

In Lycia, St. Nicholas begged, tortured himself test – he didn’t even have a roof over your head. Nevertheless, he never missed one Church service. When it came time to choose in Lycia the new Bishop, the old Bishop was a Divine revelation, according to which the bishops were supposed to elect the beggar of St. Nicholas, the chosen of the Lord.

St. Nicholas day 2018: beautiful greetings and cards

But even after receiving such a high post St. Nicholas did not wear lush clothes – he continued to lead an extremely frugal life, eating only once daily in the evening. The Holy Wonderworker Nicholas is considered the special protector of sailors and drivers, as repeatedly saved ships during the violent storms. He healed the wounds and soul, sowed the seed of Christian faith wherever they could. Died Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker December 6, 342, and was buried in the Church of Myra.

Customs of the holiday

The custom of secretly placed under the pillow kids gifts came from the time when St. Nicholas saved from a sinful way of life of three poor girls left without a mother. Having grown and being very beautiful, they had no means of livelihood and poor nobody would marry. Their father has already agreed that the daughter was selling her body in order to live. Learning of this, Nicholas, who was a priest in that town, began secretly to throw these girls gold coins. And girls with a dowry, can marry. Thus, they were spared from a dissolute life and death. Then, the custom has spread talent – especially the deprived, the poor and orphans.

The priest explained that St. Nicholas was a real person who lived in the IV century on the territory of modern Turkey. He was a Bishop and became famous for his good deeds. Saint Nicholas was the patron Saint of travelers and sailors.

The tradition of sharing kindness

The celebration of St. Nicholas Day for the last two decades became a national in Ukraine. In the Western regions resumed and came out of the “family of the underground”, and in Eastern and Central “remembered” and became “his”.

It is important to understand the essence of this festival – a manifestation of kindness to others. The priests suggest adults should help children to show their kindness.

It is important for children to realize that St. Nicholas teaches us to be kind. Kids along with parents can prepare gifts for children-orphans or children in correctional facilities.

An ancient custom to send matchmakers to her

In the old days in Ukraine on St. Nicholas day, it was decided to propose and to serve molebens for those who intend to marry or marrying children.

Ancient signs associated with the Day of St. Nicholas, is still widely used in the nation. It is believed, if the occasion will be cold, the winter will be frosty. If Mikola on the ground in the morning will be frost, then the coming year promises a good harvest.

December 19, our ancestors began Christmas markets and fairs.

On the day of the Saint Nicholas tradition to bake cakes, to participate in mass games and guessing. By nightfall, unmarried girls went to guess. From time immemorial, has worked his magic and helped the subjects in which, according to popular belief, “concentrated force”. Used shoes, skirt, rings, needles, combs, mirrors.

Before the divination was important to get out from under the protection of the talisman, it means to untie the knots, remove the belt, to let your hair down, kick off your shoes, remove the pectoral cross. To protect themselves from supernatural forces girls drew around him a circle.

One of the predictions was such as to look at the sky, so it was clearly visible in a month. To get up to the window and direct the mirror so that it reflected the month. Then we need to stare in the mirror for a month. Soon she will see not one, but a few months. How many of them she imagined – so big would her own family.

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