St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Church raiders

The Church has always tried to Rob people just publicationa tale has always fought against the Russian culture. Why be surprised that chubby bums trying to hog anything it can reach, should not be. Is this instinct: grabbed, devoured, ran away. And all…


The prudence of Governor Poltavchenko: he does not want a referendum on the transfer of Isaac to the ROC presidential election year

The Author – Olga Muravyova

The mayor, recoverable the whole Central part of the capital to develop tens of billions of budget money, once again shifting the curb and putting motorists in the eternal summer sobyaninskie tube, continues to insist on the program of renovation (destruction. – ed.). And Peter, the mayor was smarter and braked sharply the conflict between the government and citizens of the city. Here is a message on this topic completely.

The Governor of St. Petersburg told about the absence of application for transfer of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral , the Russian Orthodox Church. Application about transfer of the building of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to the government of St. Petersburg did not arrive . According to Poltavchenko, the city government is studying the public opinion of citizens, monitors the media and public statements about the transfer of the building.

Application about transfer of the building of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church (Greek-Russian katolicheskaja Christian Orthodox Church – the name to rename it by Stalin in 1943. – ed.) to the government of St. Petersburg did not arrive. This information is contained in the answer of the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko at the request of the group of oppositional deputies of the Legislative Assembly, published on the website of the Deputy from the “Yabloko” Boris Vishnevsky in Facebook, and confirmed in the Governor’s press service.

The deputies asked the Governor how he and the city government are going to consider opinion of the population, and asked to support the idea of a referendum as the best way to consider this opinion, recalls Wisniewski. The Governor, according to the Deputy, “answered evasively”. According to Poltavchenko, the city government is studying the public opinion of citizens, monitors the media and public statements about the transfer of the building.

“As of 3.05, a request to transfer the building… from the ROC government did not arrive”, – is spoken in the answer of the Governor. The press service TASS confirmed that on Monday, may 15, the situation has not changed and applications for St. Isaac’s Cathedral there. “All the talk about the fact that the Governor is something “decided” senseless”, – summed up the Deputy of St. Petersburg.

The document describes the regulations of actions of officials in case if the application were available. In particular, after receipt of the application, will create a working group to prepare proposals on the transfer of the building, which will include representatives of the authorities of the Museum community, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church. Her first task will be the elaboration of the draft agreement on the preservation of the Museum valuables of the Cathedral, the financial aspects of the transfer and future maintenance of the building.

Board on administrative cases of the Saint-Petersburg city court rejected the appeal against the decision of the trial court on termination of proceedings in an administrative lawsuit to the city about the transfer of the Cathedral, reports TASS.

“The judicial Board has defined: the definition of Smolninsky district court to leave without change, the complaint without satisfaction”, – said Yulia Ivanova, the judge, reading out the operative part of the decision of the Board.

Poltavchenko refused to Express his personal opinion on holding a referendum on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, so this could be seen as an attempt to influence the decision of deputies of regional Parliament. The Governor noted that the referendum is the authority of the legislative Assembly and Election Commission of the city.

At the end of April in the entourage of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has confirmed the intention to give St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Patriarchal status if it will give the ROC.

The Kremlin has denied the information that the issue of St. Isaac’s Cathedral the Church was negotiated personally with the head of state, saying that it is the responsibility of the city authorities of St. Petersburg.

In early January of this year, the Governor of St. Petersburg confirmed that on 30 December 2016 was issued on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the use of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church on the basis of the adopted in 2010, the Federal law “On transfer to religious organizations of property of religious appointment”. The Church building will remain the property of the city.

In March, the St. Petersburg electoral Commission has approved the referendum on the status of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, but in April, Parliament of the city refused to consider this issue.

ROC referendum on the transfer of Isaac from the very beginning called “legal nonsense” and “counterproductive idea.”

In the Museum community compared the transfer of Isaac ROC with his “liquidation”. The Director of the Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” Nikolai Burov suggested that, after the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Museum will cease to exist: “It will either raskromsat, or turn in three branches”.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral – the largest Orthodox Christian Cathedral in St Petersburg. It was built in honor of St. Isaac of Dalmatia, a day whose memory was born Peter I.

From all this it follows that the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and the mayor Poltavchenko decided to listen to the voices from above, and to the voices of citizens, angered by the rapid transfer of the Cathedral from the city, and read, Federal ownership, and the use of one of the Christian churches in Russia (the Covenants and the doctrine of Christ in Russia is professed by more than 30 registered churches).

As the newspaper “the President”: “Today the whole country knows: St. Isaac’s Cathedral before the revolution of 1917 belonged to the Church. But he was in state ownership. Why is the Church so much rested on this construction? Let’s face it.

First, the Church today is the Christian Institute. It is believed that Russia is, and has been a Christian country (for very far more precise – Orthodox). This automatically implies that all the buildings in Russia is Christian, and they should now be handed over to the Church, which supposedly is their rightful owner.

However, this message is about. Russia never was and never will be a Christian country, because Christianity is a religion of Asian people (robots), and in Russia have always lived people. This tells the Bible in chapters 1-3 of Genesis (Genesis) (see “In ancient times God’s children were born, but 8 thousand years ago, he replaced them with robots”).

Just Christianity in Russia originated in the late nineteenth century, not 1000 years ago. The Bible – like the Constitution of the Christian doctrine – believers somehow received only in the end of XIX century. Before that they could not master the production of such a sacred book?

I will remind, only in 1858, the Emperor offender Alexander II opened the borders of Russia, admitted within the pale, that is, of Ukraine, of the nomadic Asian element to their religion – Christianity. To make these invaders feel in Russia at home, the offender Alexander II permitted the translation and printing of the Bible in the Russian language.

The Bible was first published in Russian in 1876. This year starts the circulation of Russia by the Christian agony. Her platform was formed and the revolution of 1917, the purpose of which was to establish in Russia the power of color fringes – believers to Christianity.

The first decree immediately after the revolution, the invaders of Russia has established the Patriarchate in Russia. Before any of the patriarchs in our country.

“Who belonged to St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Christian revolution of 1917?”

Isaac took the conspirators against President Putin for arming pretender and impostor of Masha Hohenzollern on the Russian throne. In this monarchy conspiracy, which constantly and in huge quantities of materials publishes the newspaper “the President” involved high-ranking officials of Russia. It is dignitaries, nobles and generals of the Russian Federation under the leadership of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill. These adherents of the monarchy in the Russian land really want to replace their tired and aging Putin, for another piece. In the rush to undermine the situation and disturb the people observed two of the capital’s mayor Poltavchenko and the mayor.

“…in St. Petersburg and Moscow, local chiefs are making life increasingly turbulent and unpredictable for law-abiding electorate. The fact that nearly 90% of all the opposition of Russia, its “brain” and the remnants of conscience live in these cities. A simple list of what created and fueled the people’s soul and minds of two of the mayor in the two capitals, do not let go of the feeling: this is done deliberately, gradually and with long-term.

And in St. Petersburg and Moscow, both the mayor and their henchmen “smashing” and distort the historical landscape and forms the most valuable Russian cities. The demolition of monuments of Russian architecture did not stop, and all by hook or by crook the centers of the capitals are replaced by remakes. This would be the best case. And at worst simply demolished and built awkward insertion in the liberated areas.

And Sobyanin, and Poltavchenko continue the policy of substitution of the Russian population by the newcomers from Asia and the Caucasus.

“If in 90-e years in Moscow metro passengers were almost 100% Russian, but today – 100% Mongoloids. Took place the replacement of the Russian population of Russia is Asian. If you remember how it was done, the main factor should indicate that the government has delivered 40 million Asian men Mature active age. Of course, now Russia fruit métis…” Source

And in St. Petersburg, and Moscow has in the last ten years marginal reservation, inhabited entirely by migrants: Asians, Caucasians, and breeds crime and drug trafficking. And there is no explanation, no end. Probably waiting for the full replacement of the mass of the indigenous population. Ethnic crime is supported and groom by the authorities”…

Especially it became visible and noticeable after the unsuccessful visit of President Vladimir Putin on 4 April 2017, when an Asian gang or has committed a terrorist act in the subway of St. Petersburg. This is probably participated and Petrograd as Senator of Tulips thrust, a billionaire and lover of life in a strange way broke his neck in a dirty underground sauna, where I went constantly and carried to the grave, secrets of the conspiracy.

“The hunt for Putin and the group of death: terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg as the battle of global projects”

“Zagovorsiki in the ranks! Poltavchenko and the mayor heat up protests – a year before presidential elections?”

“Ignoring Putin, Sobyanin “stupid oppression” of his own!”

What was a sharp change of the course of the administration of s-Peterburg, is known from the memoirs. And yet, fearless and brave mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin its oppression!

Probably, argue observers, in the capital must soon happen something that will overshadow the topic of renovation, that is, the demolition-thirds of Moscow together with the residents. Or go more elegant, as in Peter: the bath, the neck, the heart attack in a brothel or any other private area, or a riot, and another large crowd perturbed the capital, on June 12 the Day of Russia?

But, who will become the sacrificial animal, who lay on the altar of the God Mammon, whom I serve, as the authors venture with reshaping the life of the Russian capital? And the referendum on the day of elections of local deputies to the municipal Assembly of Moscow – very possible!..

“Muscovites are going to hold a local referendum on confidence to the mayor Sobyanin and his government”

Prepared By Olga Muravyova




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