Specialists advised to brush body according to a special schedule

From the rest also can be tiring — it would seem, is a paradox. But no: if “tired” from the work of our internal organs (and in the Christmas holidays they had to work with voltage), it will be bad to think and our mind.

How to get clean from the inside, to help its “overworked” body to remove all the unnecessary and even dangerous to health savings?

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Start with language…

In ancient Chinese medicine (V century BC) and to this day the appearance of language is considered as an indicator of the health of the body. He first points to diseases and pathogenic processes occurring in the internal organs. Moreover, it is believed that this figure is the most objective compared to others. And today, Chinese scholars are convinced that tongue diagnosis allows you to quickly identify the body, which develops the disease. I believe that even the most minor disturbance in the body instantly reflected on the surface of the tongue.

Is it really so? We propose to understand this in relation to yourself: consider your language in front of a mirror . Pay attention to the size, shape, color, presence of plaque, fractures, ulcers, etc are the main indicators. First: a healthy tongue should be monochrome (pink). If there is a RAID, it should be barely noticeable and white. Second: the language needs to be moist. Third: there should be discomfort in the mouth, pain. And if there are any suspicious spots, disturbances in language, it is very important what part. This may indicate a problem with a particular organ with which this piece of language is closely connected. For example, the tip of the tongue tell about heart health: if you have problems there will be some changes.

And the color of the language is almost of paramount importance. Bright red indicates a serious infectious disease, some poisoning, colds, pneumonia. Red tongue with yellow coating in the middle part tells about the beginning of the problems with the stomach. If time does not provide treatment, after a while people really feel discomfort in the stomach. In the future it can result not only in gastritis, and stomach ulcers. Dark red — indicates toxic processes in the body, disorders in the kidneys. For serious cardiovascular diseases of the tongue has a bluish tinge. Pale indicates a strong physical exhaustion, anemia, anemia. Dark — problems with the spleen.

And swollen tongue with white coating, viscous, or a red stripe at its edges suggests that it is necessary to pay attention to the health of the liver and gallbladder. Dry with many cracks reported diabetes.

But, as experts warn, after such tumultuous celebrations should be considered that alcohol and spicy, salty, acidic foods can affect the color and condition of the language. Temporarily it may darken or turn yellow. Later its color and texture come back to normal, if not abused further.

Also important hygiene language: it needs to be cleaned as frequently and thoroughly as teeth. The upper surface and the lower part to clean in the morning and before bed. In folk medicine, and the practice of yoga has accumulated a few ways of cleaning it. This is best done designated a teaspoon, starting from the root of the tongue to the end to remove plaque thoroughly but gently. After that rinse the mouth regular warm water and lubricate the language of sunflower oil.

Bath help and still lose weight

— After such a protracted stay in new year’s holidays and an absolute abuse of the food and drink whole body detox — one of the most effective forms of prevention, to bring itself to life, — says dietician PhD Anna PROKHOROV. Is a medicine and an indispensable condition for the normal functioning of all internal organs and systems, guarantee a healthy life that everyone dreams. But my principle is not enough to dream, we must act. In this case it is about getting rid of toxins — the final decay products, which are naturally accumulated in the body. But there are ways very simple and not time consuming, and most importantly, money.


According to some experts, preventive cleaning should be carried out in accordance with the schedule of the different organs depending on the time of year. On this schedule in January, the most active gall bladder in February, bladder in March, stomach in April — the large intestine in may, small intestine in June — the spine in July — buds in August and spleen in September, spleen, liver, in October — the brain, in November, light in December — the heart.

But what if, after abuse on all counts almost all the internal organs cry out for help? And whether this exception? Who General cleansing of the body is contraindicated?

Contraindications: according to our expert Prokhorova, total body cleansing is contraindicated for weak, exhausted people; Chronicles: gastric ulcer disease and duodenal ulcer, asthma, diabetes; cancer and infectious disease; and if a person has tuberculosis, or hepatitis, meningitis and diphtheria. And of course, cleanse to be abandoned pregnant women at any time.

— If you are going to cleanse the body as a whole, a truly miraculous baths and bathtubs, says Anna Evgenevna. — How long have you know, Russian steam bath and cleanse the body of toxins, and helps to throw extra pounds. That is not surprising: along with the sweat from our mortal body will release toxins, end products of metabolism. If they do not withdraw in time, they start to poison your body. Thanks to this purification to urinate, the kidneys, improves the water-salt metabolism and blood circulation, relaxed heat the tissue oxygen supply, which in turn, will give elasticity to the skin.

But if you so-called “sedentary” occupations, and the bath is all you need. As proven by science, the heat bath not only increases blood flow, stimulates the heart, lungs, improves metabolism and qualitative composition of blood (increased levels of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes).

Fever, which is famous for its Russian bath not only removes dirt, but also opens and thoroughly cleans the pores of the body, removes the top layer of skin obsolete, dead and keratinized cells. So bath stimulates the activity of all without exception organs and systems.

Contraindications: the heat bath and the steam is categorically excluded pregnant women, people with heart disease and for those who recently suffered a stroke. And for those who have anemia, brain damage, epilepsy patients, suffering from infectious disease, asthma. In the first place, they are contraindicated cancer patients: they even bask in the bath impossible.

Coniferous baths: do not dispose of Christmas trees in the trash

Hot tubs at home is also contraindicated to many, — says our expert. — And she cannot be located immediately. First, the water temperature should be around 36–37 o C, then the degree you can gradually increase, bring it up to 39–40oC. In this case, vasodilation occurs gradually and the effect of purification is enhanced. And the time spent in a hot tub for each must be individual. After a hot bath needed rest 10-20 minutes.

Particularly effective pine baths, with their help the body is purified from dead cells. These baths are good for cleansing the skin. Pine baths can be prepared by using the liquid extract (sold in pharmacies) or make the broth themselves. Now in many apartments, houses still stand live Christmas tree. We must take 300 grams of pine needles, pour 3 liters of cold water and boil for 10-20 minutes. Broth pour into the tub with water temperature of 36–37 o C. Take 2-3 baths a week. After the procedure – cool shower for 5-10 seconds.

Perfect for cleansing and drinking regular soda. Dissolved in water at a temperature of 36–37 o C with 300-500 g of sodium and thus obtaining an alkaline bath can help to rid the body fast post-holiday fatigue.

Contraindications: pine baths cannot be taken by people with high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, pulmonary tuberculosis, heart attack and stroke, especially with cancer.

Movement and proper nutrition — for purification.

— The body can be cleaned and with regular (not less than 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes) intense exercise — walking, swimming, skiing, Biking, the expert is convinced Prokhorov. Even ordinary running or fast walking will help to get rid of metabolic waste products (toxins). If you walk briskly, fast, big steps, trying to put a foot on the ground the entire foot, the strong contractions of the muscles, bringing them in working condition can force the body to improve metabolism and ensure a complete clean from clutter. For maximum vigor enough daily fast walk or run at least 15-20 minutes.

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Cleanse the body using a separate food: protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, legumes, nuts, seeds) separately; carbohydrates (bread, cereals, potatoes, sugar, jam, honey) separately with an interval of at least 2 hours. Today it is known: different products require different conditions for their digestion and assimilation. One food requires alkaline environment in the stomach, the other acid. Eating separately, to avoid food intoxication.

Another prerequisite: in the morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass of warm boiled water, honey or filled with PM boiling water over prunes. This will help to cleanse the bowel. But to convert wastes in salt is necessary to make acids: ascorbic, nicotinic, citric, lactic, etc. Eat more sauerkraut, apples, dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, etc.). Will help and Apple cider vinegar (1 tsp – Cup sour milk plus 1 tsp. honey). And as a strong choleretic suitable dairy products, but with vegetable oil. And yet — the black radish juice. Drink 1 tsp in an hour after a meal. Dissolve salt juice of the roots of parsley, horseradish leaves mother and stepmother, chicory, decoction of leaves of bilberry. Good effect and a mixture of juices of potato, carrot and beets in the ratio 3:3:1.

Be healthy!

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