Spain won the women’s Eurobasket 2017



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36-th championship of the Europe on basketball among women, will be held in Czech Republic from 16 to 27 June 2017.

The final game of the European championship the Spaniard was exemplary. Despite the fact that before the match, the professionals talked a lot about the approximate equality of the teams and expressed the strengths of each of the groups, it turned out that all of the French pros were offset. Leveled Spanish diligence, good team interaction and great individual skills.

All the leaders of the Spaniards, as to the order, held its almost the best matches in the tournament at a crucial moment. Alba Torrens dragged the team forward in the first quarter, scoring 10 points and laying the Foundation for future leadership. Player Sancho Lyttle scored 5/6 shots from the game in the first half, carrying the threat ring of French as under him, and from a far distance . Mar Hargai and Anna Cruz habitually great aggravated the situation with the wings, picking up their scores.

And what about France? After the first quarter, held in a fairly equal fight, the French were forced to abandon the race, what girl Valerie Garnier was ready too. At some point in the second quarter, the leader took the highly experienced Celine Dumer caught neskolok challenging goals, but in General, the attack of France was better than functioned properly. This was especially evident in the third quarter: Ellen Siak quickly grabbed the fourth foul, denying the team a reliable option in the post, and combo-forwards type MIEM, Chacoan or Aman scored their shots at best.

The third quarter became decisive in the game: Spain conceded just four points in seven minutes, allowing, however, that France reached 10 in the end, but when their 17 — again joined Torrens — this was more than enough to secure a comfortable advantage. Wide rotation, many rescued France during the tournament, today, Le ble not helped in any way — yesterday’s heroine, Olivia Epupa did not get into the game, wingers were also remotely so-syak. At the same time, Spain took the methodical and the most banal of basketball Arsenal — the implementation throws a game.

In the middle of the fourth quarter the outcome was virtually a foregone conclusion — second timeout Valerie Garnier had already taken with the score of “19” in favor of Spain. Best match of the tournament for player Sancho Lyttle continued, reservists coach Lucas Mondelo did not fail, therefore, already three minutes before the end of the meeting for the Spanish part of the Prague O2 arena started legal holiday — 23 points in this game, France failed to win in any way.

Spain for the third time in history won the European championship gold, leaving the eternal rivals from France in the second position. A year later champion of Europe will take world forum, where, in addition to them and France, also hit Belgium, Latvia, Greece and Turkey. But it will be next year. Now the feast of basketball in the Czech Republic completed.

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