SpaceX successfully tested the spacecraft Сrew Dragon

Photo: SpaceX

The company Elon musk held a final test of the capsule before sending humans into space.

January 19, 2020 at 17:00 Kyiv time, the company SpaceX Elon musk held a final test of the spacecraft and tested disaster detach the capsule from the rocket in flight, writes

To follow the event was broadcast live on the YouTube channel SpaceX and the website of NASA.

The Dragon Crew capsule launched on a Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space center in Florida, and 88 seconds after takeoff, it is automatically undocked using eight SuperDraco engines.

After that the spacecraft using parachutes successfully returned to Earth and sat in the Atlantic ocean 30 km off the coast of Florida, where the Crew Dragon was already waiting for rescuers.

This time capsule was two mannequins, but the next step for SpaceX after a few weeks to become the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon with two NASA astronauts aboard the International space station.

The company has previously transferred final test of the emergency disconnection of the spacecraft from 18 to 19 January due to strong winds and high waves in the search area of the capsule in the ocean.