Space truck “Progress” will launch a different scheme

The launch of space cargo ship “Progress-MS 07” on the carrier rocket “Soyuz 2.1 a” from Baikonur postponed from 12 to 14 October for unknown reasons. As a version while it is on the need for additional check of all systems before an important mission. As previously reported, “Progress-MS 07” was supposed to be the first machine delivered to space station in just three hours on the double scheme. Now in connection with the postponement of the launch from the innovation, may have to withdraw before the start of the next cargo ship.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

As previously reported, on Board the “Progress” Packed 2.5 tons of various cargoes, including supplies of fuel, water, food for astronauts and equipment for scientific experiments.

All of this was originally planned to deliver at an unprecedented fast track scheme — in just three hours. As previously reported “MK” the flight Director of the ISS Russian segment Vladimir Solovyov, the reduction of spacecraft delivery to the space station is necessary to prevent excessive fatigue of astronauts and the time spent in the transportation system . This was previously designed 4-turn (6-hour) scheme, which was first tested on cargo ships, and then it moved on manned launches. 12 October, first on a truck, experts planned to test a more rapid method “of getting” of the spacecraft in orbit — in just 3 hours. To do this, “Progress-MS 07” would have to circumnavigate the planet only two times instead of four.

If we can implement this plan, until the matter. As reported by “MK” in TsNIIMash, the decision is still pending, all will determine the opinion of members of the state Commission. It is not excluded that in connection with the transfer start on back date the ship will depart for old, a two-day scheme.

As for the reasons for the delayed start in the industry any comments about this do not give.

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