Space tourism: 5 incredible facts that you should know

In the world day of aviation and cosmonautics, we decided to recall the biggest story of the development of one of the incredible phenomena of the planet – space tourism.
Space tourism is not only a fiction fiction, and the real prospect of earthly humanity.
The website “24” offers you to learn 5 interesting facts about space travel that will surprise you and will certainly be interested.
1. What is space tourism?
Space tourism is space travel or orbit in entertainment or research purposes. Every year more and more wealthy people tend to go beyond the atmosphere and see firsthand the space. In Japan 70% of people under the age of 60 years and more than 80% of people under 40 at least once in life wanted to visit space.

According to experts, this desire may in the future become an important source for further development of cosmonautics. In the West consider space tourism as a serious and promising business which will be mutually beneficial for each party.
2. Where first arose the concept of space tourism?
The idea of space tourism for the first time was reflected in the works of William Barron Hilton and Eric Kraft, published in 1967. The authors first tried to promote the idea of commercializing space, but this idea never got success.
Space tourism began to develop in the late twentieth century when in 1986 at the International Congress of astronauts was presented the report “Possible economic consequences of the development of space tourism”. After such presentation, for the first time, and began active conversations regarding the creation and development of space tourism.

In 1984 in the UK saw the release of the first series of publications by David Ashford on the topic of creating an aircraft for tourist flights into space.
However, progress has not stood still, and in 1985, Gary Hudson presented to the public the draft design of a single-stage reusable aerospace vehicle (MVCA) “Phoenix” (vertical takeoff and landing).
3. The first failure and the victims of the “space” idea
Immediately after the first applications of space as the form of tourism, Pacific American Launch Systems together with the tourist company Society Expeditions have launched the project “Project Space Voyage”.

For only $ 50,000 (although at that time it was quite a large sum) everyone had the opportunity for a short period of time to visit to low-earth orbit.
However, the popular initiative is not used, and the lack of investor activity has deprived the developers of the possibilities of further development of the device of “Phoenix”.
After the failure of such large-scale ideas January 28, 1986, he underwent the terrible death of the Shuttle “Challenger” during his takeoff. In the Shuttle, except for the astronauts, was Christy McAuliffe, the schoolteacher who was to become the first in the history of NASA is a civilian member of the crew of the space Shuttle. They all died and after a while, the US government imposed a ban on flights into space Amateurs.

In 2003, another tragedy forced the world to think about the continuation of the development of space tourism as a form of extreme relaxation and business.
1 February in the sky over Texas while approaching for landing crashed space Shuttle “Columbia” (Columbia) with seven crew members on Board. 28-I mission was for the last Shuttle.

4. Who was the first commercial space tourists?
The first commercial astronauts were citizens of Japan and the UK, Tahiro Akiyama and Helen Sharman, who in 1989 and 1990, flew on a Soviet space station Mir in the spacecraft Soyuz TM-11/Soyuz TM-10 and Soyuz TM-12/Soyuz TM-11. The flights were carried out in the framework of a privately funded, non-governmental project of the TV company TBS and “Juno” (a consortium of British companies).

But the first space tourist was an American entrepreneur and multimillionaire Italian pochodzenia Dennis Tito. 28 April 2001 launched the first space ship “Soyuz TM-32” with the first space tourist on Board.

The trip lasted until may 6, and on the “Union TM-31” Dennis returned safely to Earth. The amount of the flight was not disclosed, but some media believe that it cost the tourists about $ 20 million.
All in the history of space tourism to outer space visited 7 commercial tourists, the last flight took place in 2009. The photo shows 5 of 7 space tourists who visited the ISS, with the company Space Adventures, Gregory Olsen, Charles Simonyi, Anush Ansari, Dennis Tito and Richard Garriott (the picture is not Mark Shuttleworth and guy Laliberte).

5. Space tourism from the twentieth century to today
After the first successful commercial flight into space by different companies from all over the world have started to develop projects of space ships, space hotels, and even space travel Agency.
In particular, on 23 December 2004 the then US President George Bush signed the law on the right of the private flying people into space. It was believed that the signing of such an act will attract higher investments in the sector by private investors.
And already on July 27, 2005, the company Scaled Composites and the Virgin Group announced the creation of a joint venture Spaceship Company to develop and launch aircraft SpaceShipTwo and White Knight2.

And since October 17, the company Virgin Galactic has begun accepting applications for those wishing to become space tourists.

You can say that space tourism is today increasingly active in developing. Last loud statement in the field of space tourism was the announcement of the company SpaceX, which plans by the end of 2018 to send two space tourists at a week-long flight around the moon on the ship Dragon.
So believe in your dreams and learn more about space tourism!

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