Souvenir from Sobolenko nearly provoked a fight between fans (video)

Arina Sobolenko / Photos By Julian Finney/Getty Images

Two cheerleaders almost got in a fight in the stands after the second round of the Australian Open between Belarusian Arina Sobolenko and British Katy Bulter.

The singer left the audience his headband as a souvenir, which he caught just two fans. None of them wanted to give in, so after a while got better trophy, in the stands almost fight broke out.

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen at the #AusOpen !

Two old ladies fighting over Aryna Sabalenka”s headband, which she threw into the crowd!

Security came and escorted both women from the stadium. They also took the headband away as neither of the ladies would let go.

— Jedd Zetzer (@JeddZetzer) 16 Jan 2019.

In the conflict intervened protection, which took away a souvenir and brought the cheerleaders from the stands.

After another match of the day Kazakhstan’s tennis player Yulia Putintseva, losing to Belinda Bencic, showed the middle finger stands.

Best shot of the third day’s play at the Australian Open.

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