Soon protein bars will make of chicken feathers


Chicken feathers is a powerful protein Supplement, a new study. Scientists propose to begin to use them to produce protein bars.

If you need proteins to achieve goals of fitness, chicken feathers can be an incredible decision. A new study by School of sport, exercise and nutrition Massey University proves that chicken feathers may have potential as a protein Supplement for people wanting to increase or maintain lean body mass.

In a study published recently in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, States that the keratins in chicken feathers have structural, thiol-rich proteins, and they constitute 90 percent of the weight of a quill pen. “We don’t eat the feathers, because we can’t digest them even if they are almost completely composed of protein. But after acid hydrolysis, the feathers can be a product that we are able to digest,” says lead author Steve Stannard (Steve Stannard).