Solar Eclipse in 2017 will be the longest in history

Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017 and it will last 1.5 hours. However, for such an incredible phenomenon to observe only residents of the United States.
This was reported on the website of the National solar Observatory in the United States.
21 August 2017 Sunday at 21:26 Kyiv time will be a full solar Eclipse. Scientists say that the Moon will cover the Sun for 1.5 hours, and the solar corona will be several times more than during previous eclipses.
The longest solar Eclipse will occur on August 21 in the US
At the time and point of maximum Eclipse of the sun direction (azimuth) will be 198°, and the height of the sun above the horizon is 64°. Dynamic world time in the moment of greatest Eclipse: 18:26:40, and amendment dynamic time: 70 seconds.
But the Eclipse of August 21 will be able to see only those who are in the USA and partly also in Western Europe and South America. The city of Carbondale (USA) will be a unique place where there will be 2 total solar eclipses over 7 years, in 2017 and 2024.
A solar Eclipse will cover the middle and subtropical latitudes of the Northern hemisphere
Russia also will see a partial phase of the Eclipse, however, only in the extreme North-East of Chukotka Peninsula. In Ukraine, as in Eastern Europe, this Eclipse will not be visible.
By the way, a total solar Eclipse occurs when the observer is in the shadow of the moon. In this case, it is possible to observe the solar corona, and a month completely overshadows the disk of the Sun, but not overshadows the crown.
Partial Eclipse at the time occurs when the observer is close enough to the line connecting the Sun and the moon to get into the full shadow of the moon, getting only partial shade.

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