Sofa want: what is most often searched for Ukrainians in OLX in 2018

The most frequent request for OLX in 2018, once again, “bike”.

Intelligence online site, ranked the most desirable products among users.


The rating zapit koristuvach online marketplace OLX

Over the past year users used the search on the site to almost 600 million times. Bike with a lead of 50 thousand queries once again took first place. In this position he is in 2014.

The second most popular item on the platform of a sofa. It was looking for about 700 thousand times 2 thousand times a day. The top 3 interests of Ukrainians closes “flat”.

Top 10 queries on OLX for the 2018 looks like this:

1. Bike
2. Sofa
3. Apartment
4. Dress
5. Jacket
6. iPhone 7
7. Laptop
8. Sneakers
9. House
10. Refrigerator

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OLX analysts also compared the requests of the users of iOS and Android. Both ratings are very different. Brings together owners of different devices, only one – in 2018 they all wanted the sofa.

The owners of smartphones on Android is very rarely interested in the devices on iOS. The device is Apple’s first appeared in a rating only on 32-m a place. The top ten queries with the Android work on the 9-th position. And the fans of a brand she didn’t even place in the top 100.

Top 10 Android:

1. Sofa
2. Bike
3. Apartment
4. Dress
5. Jacket
6. House
7. Backpack
8. Sneakers
9. Work
10. Laptop

Owners of iPhone on OLX mainly monitored all the same iPhone – 6 out of ten positions. Others – branded clothing and “sofa”, which ousted from the final position of Gucci.

Top 10 iOS:

1. iPhone 7
2. iPhone X
3. iPhone 6
4. Nike
5. iPhone 8
6. Zara
7. Adidas
8. iPhone
9. iPhone 6s
10. Sofa

Most people buy on the Internet second-hand clothing, appliances and electronics. At the same time not popular textiles, cosmetics and perfumes, underwear. An important factor in the purchase of used goods is the price and the condition of things. Often from the hands of Ukrainians are buying those goods which are needed in case of something. For example, a costume or special dress.


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