Sobchak broke into the Studio of “Ekho Moskvy” broadcast Leonid Volkov

Ksenia Sobchak is going to run for President of Russia, who came to the interview on radio “Echo of Moscow” rushed to the Studio where he started the broadcast with the head of the election headquarters of Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov. She demanded an apology for the publication of photos of Bali. At the same time some reporter why the shot on the camera screen laptop Volkov.

Frame service “Seteditor” site “Echo of Moscow”.

Video footage of the dispute Ksenia Sobchak and discouraged Volkova appeared on the Youtube channel. The event happened on Monday evening in the Studio “Echo of Moscow.”

As you can see from the video, Ksenia Sobchak, who was herself a guest of the radio station, I learned that in the Studio, begins the broadcast with Leonid Volkov and decided to talk to him about the publication of the FBC photos from Bali with a signature that Sobchak’s office party instead of collecting money for the campaign. Later, Sobchak has declared that did not conduct any corporate events and it’s a lie.

– Leonid could you answer my question? – said Sobchak

– Let’s have a debate with you as moderator.

– The situation is this, Leonid published a photo in Facebook that is not mine and said it was mine, that I am corporate. I would like to Leonid apologized on camera, it’s so easy. insists Sobchak.

I’m Ksenia, live, began. – says Volkov. – You’re lying. You obviously ran into a dead end. You obviously need to get out of here, because I started my broadcast. You are rude not me, you are rude to viewers and listeners of broadcast “Echo of Moscow” and the editorial Board.

– For the future, Leonid, check your information, not to look as pathetic as it is now, – said Sobchak moves away.

In the future, Xenia, don’t play ugly games with the Kremlin retorted wolves.

During his interview on “Echo of Moscow” Sobchak has also touched on this topic.

“A company party in question, he was, if not wrong, 10 days before the official start of the campaign… Other corporate events I had, and everything that was circulated late my detractors, it’s a lie, and proven a lie. And, you know, feminine I’m sad that none of this is a lie apologized” she said.

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