Skilki generaliv zagadkova died from Russie: sakuya figure

From 2006 trapelus of pondus, Yak POV’yazana s situato on Donbas. It became known that about the death of the chief of the Head management to the General staff of the Russian Federation Igorya of Sarguna. Same for casw Yogo cervista domstol GRU after seeing operas in Ukraine.

Evil 2014 stink zahopili the airport I Uryadov budul in cream. Later GRU pratsyuvav in Donbas. Rosiyska Vlad especially tsogo did not vyzyvala, ale okrim Grushnikov was ginoli and NSA settimanali th dopitova. Oleksandr Aleksandrov I When Rofv, yakih was stimuli from 2015 year, sanalia scho . spivrobitnyky same tsogo Parastu. In Sir W GRU navcam MSCI viyska I brave the fate of the vorogiv operations against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Brand management General staff zbroynih forces of the Russian Federation, vono W GRU – TSE based on the management wondow roscow. The stench simauta for mezhami Russie agenture, radoactive, cosmonau himi types roski. Amerikantsi zvynuvachuiemo the rosiyska viskovo Rosco “haberski ATAC” h presidents vibor at 2016 year.

Britons uvajaut scho GRU state for sproby otron his kolesnogo colleges, podvijnogo agent Sergius Skripal. GRU also zvynuvachuiemo in poruchen rules, that povinn, prescolite Reno, Sir Puncho Core, Otemachi technology th materials, yaki mozhut vykorystovuyutsia for stvorennya zbroï mass ouragenda.

GRU – TSE Taka rosiyska s secret service agents, analtical, informazini, carnitine th powerplant parole, Yak proslavilsya Tim scho no Mauger wbite navti their srednik, ale Natali zmogla of ubiti one neweco will bespredelnoe in Englandiï.

Powerhouses to the Sarguna, VIN u tsiy structur CCB doval viznacheno postato. Hope 40 years from propertyval Zbroynih forces of Russia the Union of Soviet socialist repu. S yakih hope 30 resvd. VIN CCB s one of klucovych gracw, at least, the cob so Swano “Russian spring”. Scho trimas decline Orden for services, in particular, won, titles of Colonel-General TA sche from 2014 year potrativ pid Sanct. Yogo participation in Krimsky I sirisky podah not prijavu navti rosiyska vid.

Igor Sergun

For data Financial Times in CNC 2015 rock VIN page to Sir umulate Bashar al-Assad piti have otstavku and potim raptovo die. For itsyou Verso TSE to will become 3 in January pamaskong raw dochenku FSB from cercavo nedostatocnostfor data amerikanska rosbel-analtica compan Stratfor, Yogo death another day in LAN, Oren – 1 January 2016.

As Tignes, 27 grudnia 2015 rock, od “raptovo of sopinka cerca” at the 53 th year of life die th different rosiysky General patron of the chief of Staff powtran-desantnyh viysk Russian major-General Oleksandr Shushukin. By the way, he iz one cervenik rosijskogo vijskovomu vergranne in Georgia from 2008 year.

Oleksandr Shushukin

Sudachi s Usoga, generalise robot in Russian, and especially the GRU, Scalia for palna Chi vizhivannya NSA narcotics th mayzhe three rocky dosto znovu to salesasia without cervica.

In Listopad 2018 in Moscow “after trevala vaiko horobi” (itsyou Savoy Minoborony) died the chief of the Head management to the General staff rosiyskih zbroynih forces, Colonel-General Igor Korobov, yomu Bulo 62 rocky. Biography of Sarguna similar to: all life in an automated workplace . .. Managed rozvany in Sir. potrativ pid Sanct. Trimas from Putina in CNC 2017 rock nagaraju of hero of Russia. Through the year I died.

Igor Korobov

Then of course Vinica bazhannia skazati, scho Rosiya pdima hvosty dwellers less then swacu against ne Bulo in Gaat. Hello, I’m not poltic dwellers are Robit golosun tercena. Sure you can stverdzhuvati lachey scho RF Primera quiet, who wage zradnikami. For example, Denis Boronenkov Chi Sergius Skripal.

Z nsogo side, Sargon the Boxes not the Perche Boule generals of the GRU, that died for divnich obstavin. So, in 1992, the year the patron of the chief of the GRU Yuri Gusyev Saginaw in Avtomobilny Avar. In 1996, one year s cervenik GRU Oleksiy Lomanova sbiw death car. From 1997 year s Vikna two apartment viciosa major General GRU Viktor Shipilov. From 1999 year one of cervenik GRU Ivan Shalev razbivka in Avtomobilny Avar.

And nezadolgo after wine in Grus under zagadkova obstavini Saginaw the patron of the chief of the GRU Yury Ivanov. He pereboeva have vgrajen in Sir, de first prisoner. U 2010 rotsi Yogo already riskladen to znajshli on Beres sea in turetskomu Seli. Zgidno s oftiny versa, VIN photonow pid hour cupana. VIN CCB other human have domst th vdova robot on Kavkaz. Yogo, in particular, pow was asuvale s lcvac chechencev for limits of Russia.

Another major General GRU shot z zagorodnogo pistoleta already after cob of wine in Ukraine – vlcko 2014. Itsyou Versu will samoubistvo through depresy, POV Asano s wakim zacharovanna. Of course, scho middle cervista tsogo on not opened pamyati sway death. I see Yak – lachey one of Peralta me, theoretical MH zaginuti from the hands of the enemy. Have NSA in most cases, accidents, samoubistva Chi early death zdorovo for their VCU lyudin.

I don’t want out in detail Kono s HIH deaths, say lachey, scho for data mineralno splinti Inform Napalm, during the period z 91 in the year 2016, at least, 47 generaliv admirals RSNA domst Russie died Chi zaginul for zagadkova obstavin. Vsmon hammered into rsni key – streljacina, athrun, Splenda in mashini. In transport Prigodich zaginul 11 osib. Zakonchili life with samoubistvom 16 s they.

About smart RSNA vaticv “Russian spring” I navti will not shabati, Bo at least itsuno not stink Boule calinou GRU. If pogledati on infografica splinti Inform Napalm, it is possible pobachiti scho smartest middle rosiyskih generaliv duzhe parole after Drogo checinska campan, stablishes after wine in Gros th znovu zrosla on the cob pondus in cream that Donbas.

Infography about smartctl middle rosiyskih generaliv

Sami robt of visnovki, ale Yak mene, us TSI krestiki the portrait speaking lachey about odne: Rosiya not CNU people, that truncated life privately . Zbrojne forces. Chomu? The fact that many deaf Russie NATO I bezaly SIL s yakih want vtekti long Inferno. Long Syria. Vistors to the Donbas.

CIR in the villages of Mauger not Buti filthy nternet, but there is exactly what TV set and nom pokazhut rosiyski news th flmi about the special forces, the next question programaci pokolinnya “garmatnaya’yasa”, Yak PDE have viyskovi nachaln of Zaklady, abi vtekti zi svogo the village.

I don’t Gartow – podius in the photo – TSE village Pivkino Kurgansk region. At nomu narodivsya Volodymyr Moses – one W Grosnick, yakih zvinavashe have pghotos sovereign revolution in Chernogor. I think scho VIN Ter have sviy hour adivise flmv about the special forces. De yomu said scho Rosiya their not kid.

The rosiyska village Pivkino

Won h I really don’t kid. Won Viva, ABO SRES h, if I which is very convenient. Bo know, the Novi scho Zerhouni, Mosavi Chi korobovy the truncated one will. Tom scho bagato SIL. I mizh Eyad prospects: spitia I piti the army part cholov there Oberoth other.


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