Singer Olga Cybulski told about your first kiss: the juicy details

An interesting curiosity with a kiss happened to a singer 7 class. About this star told her Instagram profile.

It turns out, more experienced friend persuaded Cybulski for how to kiss need a real gift.

And besides him the ability to immediately determine the savory tastes of gentlemen who likes to be bitten on the ear, and who that caressed his neck. The seventh-grader Olga to such information was not ready and so in panic she ran home, as soon as the guy leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

By the way, many years later, the mountain-lover came to the concert Cybulski with his wife and a huge bouquet of flowers to see what he had done wrong – the question that worried him all his life.

The singer admitted that they have been preparing for this mentally. And now the day has come: parents weren’t home, evening, starry sky – all perfect for a first kiss.

He approached me, kissed and whispered, “Open your mouth”. That kiss you and his mouth open I at that time didn’t know that our relationship is over,
– said Olga Cybulski.

Also the star said that it was the long-awaited kiss with a man who loved her, so everything went fine, only little teeth he knocked out his.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Navti miy of people don’t know story direct pershoho pilulku to yakogo #abolnikov And you Yak Bulo?))))))) #raciborska #Persephone #monarchiste

Does, polirani Olga of Cybulska (@cybulskaya) 21 Sich 2019 R. 8:24 PST

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