Singer Olga Cybulski broke its own record during the wedding

The actress married a record 630-th pair and shared secret and exclusive videos from the ceremony with reporters LifeStyle 24.

Singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski – happy owner of several unusual records. The indefatigable star has already spent the greatest number of musical concerts and the longest live broadcasts and now record-breaking number of United hearts.

The honeymooners-lucky became a couple of choreographers from Kharkov.

Singer Olga Cybulski not only sings, but conducts wedding

Lovers decided to get married spur of the moment and at first couldn’t believe that Cybulski will agree.

I arrived in Kharkov on purpose to marry Mike, and Christine. When I heard the touching story of their love is realized – a record put with them. Infinitely appreciate that such a large number of couples trust me with the most important day in their lives – I feel that connection and respond in kind,
– admitted Olga Cybulski.

Watch the touching video record the ceremony:


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