Significant events in the history: 20 December 2018

Significant events in the history: 20 December 2018
07:22 Telegraph Today on this day, 20 December – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


International human solidarity day.

A day of mourning in Panama.

The day of worker of security agencies.

The amvrosimov day.


1699 – Peter I Decree on the transfer of the celebration of New year in Russia from 1 September to 1 January.

1883 – at Niagara opened the first cantilever bridge between the US and Canada.

1924 – Adolf Hitler was sentenced for high treason to 5 years in prison, released from prison Landsbergs after nine months of captivity.

1989 – “operation Just Cause”: American troops begin the invasion of Panama to overthrow dictator Manuel Noriega.

1999 – Portugal gave the island of Macau to China.

2000 – the British Parliament approved the cloning, but only for medical purposes .

2000 – In the Netherlands passed a law allowing same-sex marriages.

Born on this day:

1898 – Alex Balandin, a Soviet chemist, the founder of the Russian scientific school in the field of catalysis.

1946 – URI Geller, Israeli illusionist, psychic and hoaxer.

1963 – Helen, the Spanish Infanta, the eldest daughter of the ruling king Juan Carlos.

1966 – Helen Kane, French actress (Helen and the guys), singer.

1974 – Vasily Slipak (killed in 2016), Ukrainian Opera singer, soloist of the Paris national Opera.

1978 – Andrei Markov, Russian hockey player, world champion.

1980 – Ashley Cole, English footballer.

1983 – Jonah hill, American actor, two-time nominee for the award “Oscar”.


1917 – Eric Campbell, a British comedian.

1996 – Carl Sagan, American astronomer, a pioneer of space biology.

1999 – Riccardo Freda, Italian film Director, screenwriter, producer and actor.

2002 – grout Ribs, American Amateur astronomer, one of the founders of radio astronomy.

2013 – Peter Bolotnikov, the Soviet runner long-distance, Olympic champion (1960).

2016 Рmich̬le Morgan, French actress of theater and cinema.


Anton, Gregory, Ivan, Leo, Paul, Peter, Sergei.

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