Sidorenko has refused to apologize to Kabaevoy: “So we should do any”

Olga Skobeeva, the frame of the TV program “Russia 1”.

Sidorenko admitted that was the center of attention without their own desires. In addition, according to him the story of how he pushed the Russian journalist was “masterfully assembled,” so that he appeared a monster, who “almost killed, and maybe killed,” Olga Skobeeva.

The journalist said that he had nothing to be proud of, but he “did what you had to do any other”. In his opinion, the Russian journalist was pushed by Vice-speaker of Parliament Irina Gerashchenko on the sidelines of PACE prevented her and got into live. He also accused Olga Skobeeva that it provoked the Ukrainian side.

While Sidorenko admitted that he had violated the rules for journalists when “pushed the creature out of the frame”. “Willing to bear a proportionate punishment. A formal complaint against me, they say, have already filed,” he wrote.

Then he asked if he repented and ready to apologize and he answered: “And here, sorry, no.” Sidorenko also said that did what Skobeeva itself is highly sought.

“In General, I’m extremely quiet and peaceful man. As anyone will tell you. But dear, I’m not an iron pole with a tape recorder. Also have nerves and feelings,” wrote at the end of Sidorenko and said, “All the rays of good. And I’ll finally bukhnu “.

The entry said the MP Borislav Birch, who also pushed Olga Skobeeva: “See, nothing for you”.

She Skobeeva said earlier that that did not provoke anyone, but her opponent has behaved wildly. In addition, for the Russian journalist said the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, threatening to slap a member of the delegation of Ukraine in PACE.

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