Sickness and maternity payments will be increased in 2018

The labour Ministry has prepared for the team a pleasant surprise: next year working ladies, the upcoming addition to the family will be able to count on greater support from the state in material terms. The amount of the monthly payment during maternity leave will increase by 3.5 thousand rubles, which may be important for many citizens. However, to the increased amount of 61 thousand rubles – will be able to count only those Russians that in the previous two years, earn at least not less. Payments for hospital also promised to raise.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

So, in 2018 the maximum amount of maternity will be 61 375 rubles a month, which is 3 542 rubles more than this year. The same size reaches the maximum size of hospital payments.

While the Ministry has told “RG” that such benefits and for sick leave and pregnancy you must have the official salary for the 2017 year of not less than 755 thousand rubles (which is approximately equal to 63 thousand a month), for the year 2016 of the required earnings – 718 thousand rubles (about 60 thousand per month). Those citizens that earn less will receive smaller payments.

In Department reminded that, by law, maternity leave lasts at law 140 days, during which a woman can count on a amount of payments (again, if the salary was appropriate). After this period, the working Russian woman has the right to formalise child care and also get paid, but they will be significantly lower – only 24 503 of the ruble.

For not working because of the previous “decree” citizens or those who worked but were paid no more than the minimum wage, the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth $ 35 921 ruble, child care – 3 120 rubles per month. As for the ladies, who never officially worked in 2016-2017, they’ll be able to count on financial aid only at the appeal to bodies of social protection.

As explained in the Ministry of labor, the ability to raise pay next year, arose because of changes of the calculation period: in the current year taken into account 2015-2016 and the following two years, including the current one, which was produced by indexing.

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