Short greetings with Easter 2017: beautiful SMS and cards

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Easter 2017


Easter is an important time when nature is reborn after a winter of numbness and bioenergetic connection with nature is extremely strong.

Easter is a good holiday and a great excuse to gather the family. And those relatives, who are now far away from you, you can congratulate a gentle poem or prose.

A happy Easter congratulations.

Good health wish.

Live without needs, without troubles,

Love and happiness for many years!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

News rushes from the earth to the sky.

Easter now entered the house.

I wish you happiness, joy, warmth.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Achusett fully

The sound of bells carries

The good news to the heavens.

Happy Easter all, I congratulate .

Good luck to you! Christ is risen!

A happy Easter congratulations

You kindness, warmth wish

Let the Lord protects you,

Joy comes on the doorstep!

Special greetings Easter SMS, poetry and accreditati fully

Holiday happiness illuminates,

Bright light comes from heaven.

Heartily congratulate you!

All the best! Christ is risen!

I wish prosperity, love and warmth,

So happy Easter brought to you!

May God you bless happiness

And joy will attract to you like a magnet!

Easter 2017: funny SMS greetings, beautiful accreditati fully

Christ is risen! Congratulations!

May the joy, happiness in the house will come.

Let the warmth, love, care,

With them Easter will bring.


Christ is risen! Praise him today.

I wish you all warmth and kindness,

Health, happiness, peace and good luck.

Let the Lord protect you from harm.

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Let your cake will be delicious,

Table — rich, close — knit- family.

In Easter day, I wish happiness

Not know the family hardships.

On the day of Easter happiness and prosperity,

Beautiful, soft cakes,

In the soul — peace, order,

And a lot of bright, good days.

Easter 2017: interesting greetings, poems and suscitate fully

In the day of spring, bright, clear

I wish you miracles

The great grace of God.

Holiday. Christ is risen!

Easter may desire to fulfill,

Soul with happiness, joy, fill,

In the house always let good reign,

And the heart will be warm let.

I happy Easter to all of you congratulations.

You peace in the house wish,

Hope, faith and love,

Only good days ahead.

Easter 2017: unexpected ideas coloring accitate fully

Easter bright, I congratulate you!

Health and happiness you wish

Good luck, wealth and good news.

Let all that I hope will come soon.

The bells of Easter chime

Let us bring happiness to every house

Let the sun Shine happily from the heavens.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!


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