Shoigu said the percentage of contract soldiers in the army

In the defense Ministry summed up the results of activities of Public Council and outlined plans for the next year. Speaking at the meeting, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told about the manning of the army and Navy military contract, as well as equipping the Armed forces with modern weapons and equipment. In addition, the Minister presented awards to members of the Public Council.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Public Council meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of those killed in the crash in Sochi, declared Sergei Shoigu.

Afterwards, the Minister awarded the member of the Public Council of the state and departmental awards. So, the medal “For merits before Fatherland” the second degree was awarded to the well-known singer Alexander Marshall. Medal “For strengthening combat Commonwealth” – academician Leo Bokeria. Medal “in memory of the heroes of the Fatherland” editor – in-chief “MK” Pavel Gusev and musician Igor Butman.

As said Shoigu at the meeting this year continued the rearmament of the army and Navy with sophisticated weapons and military equipment. So, the army has received over a thousand units of the main and more than 490 thousand units of other arms, military and special equipment. The share of modern samples to the formations and units of the main combat strength increased to almost 60 percent.

The rate of staffing of the army and Navy military contract reached almost 94 percent, which is allowed in the autumn draft campaign to reduce the number of new recruits to 18 thousand.

Speaking about the improvement of the military infrastructure, the Minister noted that this year was the construction, reconstruction and repair of nearly three thousand buildings. In comparison with previous years the pace and scale of construction has increased in one and a half to two times.

– In August, a solemn opening of traffic on the railway section zhuravka – Millerovo length of 137,5 km is the annual plan for environmental cleanup of the Arctic zone. Removed more than 5 thousand tons of scrap metal, more than 6 thousand tonnes prepared for disposal, – said Shoigu.

He emphasized that a qualitative change in the army and Navy contributed to strengthening the prestige of military service. This confirms the high competition in the higher education institutions of the Ministry of defence. Now the one place claims from 3 to 11 boys and 16 girls.

Shoigu noted that an important activity of the military Department is the military-Patriotic education of youth. Here great importance is given to the development of the movement “Uname”. Now the ranks yunarmeytsev received over 188 thousand teenagers.

Since all these matters are in the “zone of responsibility” of the Public Council and this body took an active part in their discussion, the Minister thanked the audience:

– I believe the work of the Public Council in 2017 satisfactory. We hope for your active participation in the activities of the Ministry of defence next year.

In turn, the head of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence of Russia Pavel Gusev announced a number of positions that the Public Council will be invited to review the military Department next year. In particular, this medical support of servicemen and members of their families, the manning of the Armed Forces by contract servicemen, and measures for its improvement and progress of the concept of Federal system of preparation of citizens to military service for the period up to 2020.

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