Shoigu checked the performance of defense procurement missile plant “Krasmash”

photo: Press service of the defense Ministry

Krasmash – the company is not just large, but also in the literal sense of the strategic. It is here that produce an Intercontinental ballistic missile sea-based “Blue” and “Liner”. Presumably here will start the production of heavy ballistic missile “Sarmat”. And this decision can have a huge geopolitical significance.

That’s why his working visit to defense industry enterprises Sergey Shoigu began with “Krasmash”. At the workshop the General Director of “Krasmash” Alexander Gavrilov noted that the implementation of defense contracts is in a period of disruption no one position is not fixed. The Minister was interested in the question of modernization of the production base and advanced development “Krasmash”.

Dry figures of the report and the statistics of Sergei Shoigu to settle for not become. Along with the CEO has inspected the production sites of “Krasmash”. There is born what fear all the geopolitical opponents of Russia – Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In a plating shop – cleanliness. On the square in a football field – huge tubs. Next several meters in diameter cylinders made of aluminum alloy. Staff confirm that this is the future of the rocket.

This shop is a chemical treatment of the elements of the missile housings. The bath is filled with special fluids: acids, alkali, and water at different temperatures. Chemists-technologists explain these structures and impart unique performance characteristics to future buildings of the missiles. But what kind of missiles they go – the foreman replied evasively. The secrecy has not been canceled.

Assume that you made a lot of noise heavy missiles “Sarmat”, which told President Vladimir Putin will serially collect on “Krasmash”. They should still replace the outdated Soviet heavy ballistic missile R-36M complex RS-20 “Voivod”. In the West it was nicknamed “Satan.” This, the heaviest in our missile Arsenal, a 200-ton rocket capable of carrying up to ten nuclear warheads of the megaton class. They were going, by the way, on the Ukrainian factory “Pivdenmash.” Changer “Governors” – rocket “Sarmat” – will be even steeper. For her the American missile defense system will not be an obstacle due to the great power, “Sarmat” will be able to carry a large number of false blocks and jamming devices suppression.

The US and its allies characteristics of promising Russian novelties literally horrifying. So, some experts say that only two dozen of these Intercontinental missiles will be enough to literally erase the most densely populated areas of the USA with the face of the earth.

Of course, “a world into dust” from a couple of volleys – never was and never will be the main task of the Russian strategic missile forces. True calling the “Sarmatian” – become a deterrent trump and the absolute guarantee of the inviolability of our country for decades to come.

The meeting noted that the Ministry of defense will increase the defense order for Krasnoyarsk.

-Our plans in 2019 to invest in enterprises of Krasnoyarsk region under the state defence order in the amount of 20 billion rubles, – said Sergey Shoigu.

For comparison, in 2018, the enterprises of the defence industry of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Ministry of defence received an order for 12 billion rubles.

Will not remain in side and social issues of servicemen and members of their families. The regional authorities together with the security Department and promise to continue to provide them with housing, to provide places for children of military personnel in kindergartens and schools.

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