Shelling Mamima. How will Russia respond?

The shelling of the air base Hamim. How will Russia respond?The New Year Hamim airbase in Syria was shelled. Part of the equipment affected, was killed two
Russian servicemen. The safety of the base you need to seriously increase, and the perpetrators of the attack to find and
to punish…


Russian airbase Hamim: what happened? What to do?

The Author – Leonid Nersisyan

31 December 2017, the date was special to the Russian military campaign in Syria — albeit in a bad way. First Russian group suffered losses in its primary and largest database — airport “Hamim”. Thus, if, according to official data of the Ministry of defense of Russia, a mortar attack, carried out by mobile impact, a group of militantsled to the deaths of two soldiers, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, appeared the day before, had lost seven aircraft. January 6, militants, apparently, had another attack — this time with the help of improvised drones that carry small warheads. Try to understand how this could happen, could indeed be lost to the aircraft and how to deal with such episodes in the future .



The Russian military operation in Syria began a long time ago — more than two years ago. If at the beginning the lack of infrastructure, such as hangars protected, was valid due to the swiftness and scale of the Russian intervention, to date, it is absolute disorder. On the set of conventional and satellite photos of the airbase we always see the same picture — the fighting machine standing under the open sky, close to each other, with no sorts of defensive structures. That is in fact successful hit even a single 82-mm mortar ammunition may result in simultaneous damage to large number of aircraft or helicopters. Of course, while the situation is still not completely clear, but exclude the version with the loss (or damage) a certain number of aircraft are not worth it, despite the official denial. In favor of damage and at least two frontline su-24 bombers say and a few photos from the airbase that appeared later. In any case, if Russia is seriously going for a long time to gain a foothold in Syria, creating a permanent base in Hamima, the question of infrastructure and organization of work at the air base need to be addressed promptly, especially that it requires a miniscule cost (compared to cost of many thousand sorties). By the way, even the air base, the Syrian air force Shirt, which the United States attacked with cruise missiles Tomahawk, had the above infrastructure.

The area around the base should be protected carefully

The fact that the mobile group of militants with mortar to be close to the shooting distance (no further than 4 km) to the airbase, and after the strike and even to disappear, suggests that the area around the air base Hamim controlled well enough. This, apparently, refers to the work as the Syrian (mostly), and Russian troops. In a statement the Ministry of defense of Russia indicate that the direction of control work will be performed. Meanwhile, we can provide a theoretical picture on the base Hamim arrives the Minister of defence or the President of Russia, and at this time one of the militants of the terrorist groups carried out a similar attack. As it turned out, such a scenario was quite feasible.

Obviously, it is necessary to use additional means of investigation in the vicinity of air bases, including drones, and, probably, increasing the number of troops guarding the base. Attack using homemade drones also suggests that to the database it is possible to approach with impunity, as these makeshift devices is also impossible to manage from a distance. However, according to the information received, all the drones were shot down by air defense forces base, but even 2-3 small bombs dropped they could cause real damage to equipment, given the lack of protective infrastructure.



Another extremely negative point was the leaked photos from the base and prior the official denial by the Ministry of defense of Russia damage the aircraft. It is likely that if the media wouldn’t publish rumors about the shelling, about the incident not be reported, as the deaths of two soldiers. Given the level of today’s technology, the specifics of the region and the “focus” of the many forces to fight the Russian presence in Syria, the concealment of this fact was an adventure, as surfaced in the end, the truth only once again hit the credibility of the military Department, which is in a similar situation not for the first time (which was worth it “irrefutable” evidence of cooperation of the IG (“Islamic state” is a terrorist organization banned in Russia”) and the United States, which were screenshots of the game for smartphones “AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron”).

While the outcome of the war?

Against the background of numerous statements about almost final and irrevocable victory of Russia in the Syrian war, the events have become a real “cold shower”. Yet not all terrorist groups defeated, moreover, on 6 January it was reported that a large division of the Syrian government troops were surrounded on the basis of armored vehicles near the city Harast in the North-East of Damascus and a military surrendered to the militants of the terrorist “Araras-sham” and “Falak ar-Rahman”. However, already on 8 January largest division of the Syrian army broke through the encirclement and entered the territory of the base, however the militants are still able to lead a bloody and heavy fighting.



Moreover, after the victory over the common enemy in the face of the IG (“Islamic state” is a terrorist organization banned in Russia”) the disagreement between the other parties to the conflict and directing their powers (Russia, USA, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.) can only increase and lead to a new wave of civil war in Syria.



The attack on the base Hamim. How will Russia respond.

Author www.militarycolumnist.ru

The shelling according to various sources killed two servicemen of the defense Ministry (officially confirmed) and damaged several planes and helicopters (contradictory). Russia just can’t leave this without a response failure. The reaction of our country in this case should be a complex combination of passive and active methods.


The su-30CM for the base Hamim

Military police on the basis Hamim


Around a Russian airbase Hamim, located in the Syrian province of Latakia, there is something called the neutral zone. Territory which is included in the “second ring” of security Mamima. Until recently, her patrol were involved in the Syrian division. However, after the events, the Syrians were suspended, and control functions of these areas coming under the leadership of the defense Ministry. It is reported, also, about the “full sweep and expanding area.” Additional tasks will entail a further increase in the grouping of our troops in the Arab country, the withdrawal of which gave an order of the Supreme commander.



The task of providing anti-sabotage activities and combat related enemy groups assigned to a unit of the armed forces. The most efficient in this respect and are already in Syria, the connection is PDSS (Underwater subversive forces and means), but their element – the sea, and it’s naval base in Tartus. There are all clearly and the process streamlined. And what about land mobile sabotage groups of the enemy (the names of such and carried out a mortar attack on December 31). The special forces of the Main Directorate of the General staff (former GRU) is actively used in the Syrian conflict to search for and eliminate terrorists, their task is not only carrying out acts of sabotage, but also against them. It is their cooperation with units of the military police as the main link in the security database on land, can bring to enhance the “second ring”. But the most interesting thing in this story that the losses by the attacking insurgents were not reported, this means that the group managed to withdraw without loss, and it’s very unfortunate.


Complex 1Л271 Aistenok


Many experts agree that it would be useful for the strengthening of the group in Syria radar equipment counter-battery fire. In the Russian army there are several instances of the system. Portable radar “Aistenok” (a complex of reconnaissance and control of fire), which can be applied to a remote fortified and field stations for reconnaissance of artillery and mortar positions, air defense systems and launchers of tactical missiles (well, in Syria fighters have no such) and UAVs, as well as adjustments to the return fire of their units on the distance of 5 km. Urgent requirement in the context of the recent terrorist attacks on Hamim with the use of drones-bombers.


1Л219М complex “Zoo-1” on the tractor. Syria. March 2016


In March 2016 controls the air situation in Syria was reinforced two complexes 1Л219М “Zoo-1”, which is a more powerful version counter-battery radar on the chassis of the MTLB. “Zoo” is able to detect firing points of mortars caliber 82 mm at a distance of over 20 km. It is from such weapons (2B9 Vasilek) was shelled base Hamim. Where was the data of radar and why they were not able to issue targeting, remains an open question.


A tight formation of the su-24M. Hamim. Syria


When all external cordons were broken, the last remedy of aviation technology can be a sustainable structure of concrete. In the first years of the American invasion of Vietnam, US planes were located in open areas in tight formation (as in Hamim), that led to catastrophic losses from mortar and artillery attacks by the Viet Cong. For one only in 1968 were destroyed or damaged more than 500 aircraft, and for the period from 1962 to 1973, the Americans lost almost 400 aircraft and helicopters, and nearly 1,200 were damaged. Only four years after the start of the war the main air force base of the USA in the region of da Nang have begun construction of protective shelters for aircraft, which are also not really saved because of passerovannoy attacks.


Bombers b-57C Canberra United States air force. The results of the mortar attack. Near Saigon. 1964

A fire at the open Parking of aircraft. Near Saigon. 1965

Protective revetments. Base Da Nang. Vietnam. 1968

140-mm rocket production in the USSR and “launch tube”. Da Nang. Vietnam.

Protective shelters at air force base Vietnam da Nang. Our days


The Americans within the framework of an integrated approach to the equipment of its air bases protective structures erected huge number of caponiers, dispersed their planes and helicopters, had built a strong concrete shelters and less sturdy metal. The newsreel from the fields to the Syrian battlefields can be seen equipped with Syrians on their airfields concrete shelters. Such structures can penetrate only a special concrete-piercing shells and bombs. Syria has long taken into account the sad experience of several Arab-Israeli wars.


Concrete cover for aircraft on the basis of the Shirt. Syria.


Created many years ago buildings were able to withstand a massive strike with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” with the American destroyers, the majority of aircraft on the base was not injured and resumed flights.


The MiG-21, Syrian air force in the protective structure at the base of a Shirt after the missile strike USA.


The Russian military command apparently hoped, or at random, or were not expecting attack in the vicinity of the base, closing their facilities powerful electronic air cap and the hood from the impact of modern means of destruction, while the permanent report on the combat use of missile and gun ad “Pantsir-S1” on small non-standard purposes could push on certain thoughts.


Zrpk “Carapace-C1”


As they say in our country, “the Russian slowly harness, but quickly we go”. The relevance of this phrase for the first time we saw after the destruction of a Turkish fighter jet of the Russian attack, and that events are repeated, and again the cost of human lives.


It goes without saying


After the first rocket base Hamim in December 2017, Russian attack aircraft, with the Syrian forces on the ground destroyed a training camp and “Assembly point” of the terrorists who attacked the base. So after the Christmas attack, Russian aircraft went on the hunt. Unfortunately, again after the fact.


Intelligence work with the local population, the range of intelligence activities on the land, utilities protection, application of radar control and a large range of other activities collectively will be able to fully ensure the security of such an important military facility like a base Hamim.



“Military involvement in Syria. Base Hamim. Part 1″


Russian military thwarted attack drones to the base Hamim. Discussion



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