Shaver Braun Series 9 9299 Limited Edition – the most anticipated new 2017

Find out what a perfectly smooth shave in one motion. Contemporary German design in exquisite Golden casing! Leather storage case with rigid walls in a presentable box. The most comfortable shave with “smart” technology. All this electric shaver Braun Series 9 9299 – a perfect gift for any man who will leave after shaving only positive emotions!

Electric shaver company Braun has always been famous for their impeccable quality and reliability, earning the trust of millions of users around the world. Each razor is created specifically in order to make the process of shaving more comfortable and efficient. Shaver Braun Series 9 9299 Limited Edition was a real proof that perfection has no limit, but to become him one step closer is quite real.

Exclusive shaver Braun Series 9 9299 in an elegant gold color, was released in a limited quantity and has become the most anticipated novelty of 2017 for all lovers of the brand. And no wonder, because due to all what she was equipped with Braun, she deserves the highest praise.

• Thanks to the innovative technology SyncroSonic, shaving the elements of the device make 40 000 cutting strokes per minute, which allow the shaver to adjust to the peculiarities of the bristles. Where necessary, it will apply maximum power.

• 10D floating shaver system provides full adaptation to the contours of the face. Its four cutting elements located on the shaver head to float independently from each other. Using technology to configure a micro motion and the MacroMotion is achieved thorough shave.

• Multi-HeadLock provides for the fixation of the shaving head in 5 different positions for your convenience while shaving in difficult to reach areas such as the area above the upper lip.

• In addition to the two grids OptiFoil and trimmer, Direct&Cut between them, electric shaver Braun Series 9, is equipped with extra trimmer HyperLift&Cut, which has a titanium coating and are corrosion resistant. In this regard, these devices are able to shave off even stubble in one motion without irritation and cuts.

• Extendable trimmer located on the back of the housing of the shaver helps you to trim the contours of the beard and sideburns.

• Led display helps to monitor the state of charge of the shaver, with the necessity of changing the cassette and for fixing the shaver head. When battery left for 9 or fewer shaving minutes, the screen will display per-minute reverse countdown.

• Rubber grip will ensure that the device will not slip from the hands while shaving in the shower.

• Stand-charging will not only comfortable to store the device, but also charge the device up to the required maximum.

In addition to all the above advantages of the electric shaver Braun Series 9 9299, she presented in an elegant gift box and comes with a genuine leather case with rigid walls. This razor will definitely be a great gift for every man.

Want to buy Braun Series 9 9299 Limited Edition and learn more about it? Highly skilled managers the official online store, Braun-market will provide you with detailed information about the technique the Braun that you are interested in. To place an order you can with free delivery across Ukraine or picked up from the showroom, which is located in Kiev on Prospekt Stepana Bandery, 9, business center “Forum”. During registration in “Club Braun” in the future, you will be able to participate in various contests and get valuable prizes. In the showroom of the store you can not only talk about your chosen technique, but also to demonstrate it. Brand for the entire range of product presented on the website a warranty in authorized service centers located throughout the territory of Ukraine.

“Gold” shaver Braun Series 9 Limited Edition 9299 already in Ukraine! The long-awaited new 2017 in a limited quantity and will not leave anyone indifferent man. Flawless shave in just one movement!

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