Sharan: “the Guys felt they can play against any team”

Volodymyr Sharan / photos

The head coach “Alexandria” Volodymyr Sharan in an interview FootballHub told is the secret of a successful performance of his wards in the first part of the season.

“Now, “Alexandria” takes the third place. I would like to finish in a good position. I did not expect that we will compete with Dynamo. We had a task to compete with the “Mariupol,” Zorya, Vorskla. The command which we can.

Don’t want to talk about Dynamo, I would say about our team. After the victory over Karpaty. It gave us confidence. Then a second victory over Zorya. Guys feel that they can play with any team. 11 wins and confident playing in many matches. We changed a bit the style, but remained the most important – the commitment on the field. It was nice to be on the second and third positions. We did not fall below”.

Recall in the first round “Alexandria” takes the third place in the standings.

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