Sharan: “Bondarenko in two years made a big step to play in Shakhtar

Volodymyr Sharan /

The head coach “Alexandria” Volodymyr Sharan commented on the transition Valeria Bondarenko at Shakhtar Donetsk, saying that the defender is incredibly progressed in recent years.

“The main reason for the transition Bondarenko now that Shakhtar’ve been working hard enough to see the pupil in his club. Besides, I’ve seen Bondarenko. Signing a preliminary contract, he had thought was at Shakhtar. Nobody knows what would be tomorrow, the day after is football. I always teach my players to put ourselves in the place of another person, and that’s why I made this decision.

The last word was for me and here our opinions with Shakhtar match, the guy had to be let go.

We are very pleased, because the guy came from second League and for two years took a big step to play in Shakhtar. I think in the near future he will be the player of national team of Ukraine”.

Bondarenko was the first winter Shakhtar newcomer.

“Alexandria” signed Denis Dedechko and Valeriy Luchkevych, and also on collecting scans of two of the attackers.

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