Services. But the election has shown that this is not enough

“I don’t want trumped up against me the negative impact on the second round of presidential elections,” – says the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration 35-year-old Andrey Gordeev on Facebook on April 6. The day before he filed for dismissal.

Gordeeva was suspected of involvement in the murder of activist Catherine Gandzyuk. On July 31 last year near her home unknown poured a litre of sulphuric acid.

The President signed the statement of the Governor of Kherson after a conversation with him. But April 6 was suspended the head of the Odessa regional state administration 43-year-old Maxim Stepanov.

In the first round election victory in the Odessa region was Vladimir Zelensky of 41.26%. Poroshenko gained of 9.08% of the votes. In the Kherson region first received 37,58%, and the President of 11.51%.

– Peter A. is the second term, with low ratings. Therefore, it creates an image of the updated Poroshenko, says political analyst Leonid Shvets, 54.

– It has merit. But the election showed that they do not have sufficient support. People may give him credit for the first time, but don’t want to see in the second. Therefore, it is necessary to create Poroshenko-2: with another team that listens to public activists. Technology correct. But it should have been done earlier, at least six months before the campaign. Two weeks before the election, it is perceived as a SOP to society.

Poroshenko in Ukrainian politics for 21 years. Do not be naive and think that it will change on the 22nd. Peter doesn’t like it when you push it. Decides for himself. For it bears political responsibility in the form of low performance.

And Zelensky is a response to the effectiveness of the President.

The President wants to strengthen the influence in the security Service

On April 4, President Petro Poroshenko was appointed Deputy Chairman of security Service of Ukraine 44-year-old Wladyslaw Kosinski.

From December 2017, he was head of Department of SBU in the Sumy region. Illegally collected information about deputies of local councils of Sumy region and fabricated criminal cases against entrepreneurs, according to local media.

In February of last year deputies of Sumy regional Council appealed to the President for dismissal Kosinski. Because he “engaged in political intrigues and protected criminal schemes”. The President fired him. In April 2018, the court ordered the National anti-corruption Bureau to open a case against Kosinski – it for their own purposes used the helicopter of the owner of a network of shops “ATB” Gennady Butkevich.

Is the attempt of the President to strengthen the influence in the SBU, says the analyst 34-year-old Alex Yakubina. Now in the power structures of the split – some are guided by Arsen Avakov, the second for the President. Such appointments can be seen as a signal that Poroshenko ready to fight for the second round. On the other hand, it seems the AP understand that they can not win elections. So I want to retain influence even after them.


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