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Russian nobility was destroyed two hundred years nasasaktan nobles really are more like servants – the lying, sneaky, dishonest, envious, uneducated. But sassy, stubborn and crafty. It’s good that aristocrats (arias hundred times) do not call themselves…


New Russian nobility

2 APR 2008

The first President, Boris Yeltsin , there was an incident. First, one of the first initiators of distribution of titles , the Alexis I (Aleksei Nikolaevich Brumel, brother of the famous jumper, he declared himself “Regent of the Russian Empire”) was granted to Boris Yeltsin the title of Grand Duke, but then the “Regent”, as they say, “fell into great wrath” and demoted the President in the graph. And Yeltsin has departed to the other world by a simple “count”.

If you continue to reveal surprises of Alexios I, it turns out, Vladimir Zhirinovsky suddenly became “generalisimusa,” albert Makashov – “General field Marshal”, Ruslan Khasbulatov and Aleksandr Rutskoi – the “princes”…

But let’s start in order. The nobility in Russia along with the monarchy was abolished by a Decree of the Central Executive Committee of the CPC on 11 November 1917 . In the USSR, “origin” could lose their jobs, freedom and even life, but in post-Soviet Russia the nobility again became fashionable.

The main the Russian nobility considered the “Russian meeting of noble family”. To get there takes a lot of work. For this future nobles have to provide a lot of documents confirming the origin. They will have to look in the testimonies of attributing to noble family and genealogy books. Such books were conducted provincial noble assemblies. Now they are in the Fund of the Department of heraldry of the Russian state historical archive.

But to speed things up by ordering genealogical research in the same “Russian nobility”. The cost of genealogical research varies greatly and can reach several thousand dollars.

An imposing man with glasses – Sergei Stepashin – a nobleman from an ancient family of officers, in which he was the first…


There is another method of obtaining title to Woo the head of the Russian Imperial house Maria Vladimirovna Romanova. Several years ago, “the Grand Duchess” restored Russian military order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, and now actively rewards them. The first degree of the order gives the right to hereditary nobility, the second and third are personal.

Today nobles (according to the “Grand Duchess”) are the dozens of Russian generals. Among them the former head of the General staff Anatoly Kvashnin, the current chief of the General staff Yuri Baluyevsky, the Governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov, the former Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Vladimir Shamanov, the former head of the security service of Yeltsin Alexander Korzhakovand Gennady Troshev , Valery Manilov.

The ceremony of awards to the nobility of generals Kvashnin and Troshev manilow took place a few years ago in the Central house of officers. This fact has not received broad public appeal, hoped the newly-made nobles, due to the fact that, in the opinion of the Ministry of defense, “public opinion is not ready to adequate perception of the event”.

But the most willing to acquire the title just buy it.

Now in Russia there are several competing “nobility” of public organizations, calling each other only as “impostors”. Russia is not a monarchy, therefore selling titles – a legal business; titles of nobility don’t recommend: so – a trifle, but nice…

One of the first in the business, joined Alex Brumel, brother jumper.

His competitor was the League for the revival of traditions of the Russian monarchy. Its head Vyacheslav Lezhepekov calls himself a count. According to some reports, previously, he was Director of the Magadan cemetery. 11 years ago Vyacheslav Mikhailovich organized League.

To win the League works a little, preferring the medals. All the awards (this is especially emphasized) “under the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church“. The highest award of the League – the order of St. Emperor-Redeemer Nicholas II. The order is intended to be awarded “for outstanding contribution to the restoration of spiritual, moral and ethical values, traditional monarchical forms of government and the rule of law, and approval of norms of freedom of expression in the country”…

The League has awarded Zhirinovsky the order of the I-th degree “for long and civilized leadership of one of the largest parties in Russia, for regular, consistent and ruthless exposure of Communist-Bolshevism.” The same order was awarded Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Next highest order – “great, United and indivisible Russia”. The status of the order emphasizes that “priority in the awarding of higher degrees have representatives of power structures, members of the various levels of government, large businesses and businessmen.” Especially interesting is the following note: “In special cases the award is made without material contribution”.

Provided and a special offer: those who receive the second order of the League, “automatic” is awarded a special badge “Honorary knight”.

Nicholas Romanov-Dalsky (1942-2001) called himself the grandson of crown Prince Alexei, which during the execution of the Romanovs was able to substitute the nephew of the cook Sednev. The crown Prince supposedly died in Saratov in 1965. Before he died, he opened his nine-year-old son. Nikolai Nikolaevich Dalsky ceased to hide its origin in 1992 when he sent a letter to the UN. In 1993, Mr. Dali issued a Manifesto on the restoration of the monarchy and assumed the title “General Admiral”. Referred to themselves as “churchwarden of the Canonical Russian Orthodox Church, the essence of the canonical Head of the Church” and “Supreme Protector of the great Prioriy Russian Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem”.

19 Dec 1996 in Noginsk situated near Moscow was held the ceremony of the coronation (In the Annunciation Cathedral, under the authority of the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church). 16 Jun 1997 Nikolai Nikolaevich Dalsky received the passport, which was listed by Nikolai Dalsky-Romanov.

After the “coronation” Nicholas Dalsky was appointed everyone with Ministers of the Russian Empire, the governors and generals. Titles and ranks Dali was distributed almost free of charge – for a hundred dollars, dinner in the restaurant or a few bottles of vodka. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Dali-Romanov has been honored: he has given him the title “his Serene Highness”.

The wife of Nicholas Dalsky Natalia Kovalenko (“nee Princess Musin-Pushkin”) began to be called Natalia I still live with the husband. Now all the business passed to her.

His serene Highness Prince Arkady L. Bugaev-Poniatowski, the Grand master of International order of the Chapter “New elite of the world”, takes its ancestry directly from the last Polish king.

“New elite” gives noble letters “decent people” who “in response to the Supreme grace donate a certain amount on charitable programs.” For 12 thousand euros , the donor has the opportunity to receive the title of Prince. Since then, he communicates with people in their circle who will call him “Your Excellency” or “His lordship”. Over 8 thousand you can become the Earl.

But sometimes his serene Highness Prince Bugaev-ponyatovskiy fan of decent and without their requests. So, the title of count was awarded to singers Alexander Malinin and Alexander Rosenbaum. Former Chairman of Gosplan Nikolai Baibakov and former speaker of the state Duma Gennady Seleznev became the Prince. I got some great gifts from Arkady Lvovich foreigners. Titles of nobility (“Duke”) received from him former US President Jimmy Carter and former actor, Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The activities of the “New world elite” involved in Eugenia Davitashvili (the infamous June). For the past 15 years, she claimed to be the Assyrian Queen, the great-granddaughter of Nicholas II. In the Internet posted the ad that a certain firm in the name of “New world elite” and Junes offers to buy noble titles:

Prince – 12 euros;

count – 8 million euros;

Baron – 5700 euros.

Instead, promise: first, the letter with the arms and inscriptions in Russian”, second, “the ability to communicate with people in their circle”, including Boris Berezovsky, Pavel Bure, Zhores Alferov, Alla Pugacheva; third, in the Moscow airport, “can be arranged a meeting with the honors, limousine type Lincoln and escorts.” Dmitry Ayatskov, in 1996-2005 the Governor of the Saratov region awarded the title “count”.

Candidate to obtain all this have to fill out a questionnaire. Asked to respond, in particular, to the questions: “do You have a matriculation certificate or other equivalent document?”, “The title of which country prefer?”, and “How much You willing to spend to acquire Your desired title?” Last question – with a note: “Please note: all of our titles are genuine. We do not offer bogus titles for a couple hundred dollars!”

And why not, think more stingy, and turned to the noble Assembly, of which there are many, or the knights, who are happy to accept applicants. Sounds worse – “Order of Justice” or “international order of Saint Stanislaus Polish”, and is cheaper. They, too, “grant” of noble rank “good people”.

…This excitement with the “titles” produces, according to analysts, the impression of “madness”. Whether it is temporary, and whether it is a new shift in the historical phase, when in Russia, for the edification of “obsessed”, it is time once again to put all the scenes in Moliere’s “the Bourgeois gentleman”.


It’s been nine years. You have not columnar noble “with a good pedigree”, my reader?



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