Sergey Yursky: the biography and filmography Soviet actor

On 83 year of life has died from cardiac arrest on 8 February 2019. The most famous roles with the participation of the Jurassic were the role of Ostap Bender and the Crank. Jurassic has always been Pro-Ukrainian position. The actor was born March 16, 1935 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine included the Jurassic to the “white list” of artists who support the country’s territorial integrity and oppose Russia’s aggression. As the artist has repeatedly criticized the activities of Russian authorities in the days of the tumultuous events in Chechnya.

Biography of the actor

After graduation Jurassic entered the law Department of Leningrad state University named after Zhdanov. After the third course has left the University and entered the acting Department of the Leningrad theatre Institute named after Ostrovsky.

In 1978 Sergei Yursky moved to Moscow and became an actor, and later Director of the Theater Mossovet (Mossovet). In 2011 he became the laureate of the award “the Star of Teatral”. Sergei Yursky was the author of several books: “I am a cat”, “the Game of life”, “All inclusive” and plays, written under the pseudonym Vatsetis.

Filmography Of Sergei Yursky

Sergei Yursky played in more than 40 films. However, the great fame he brought the character of Ostap Bender in the Golden calf Director Mikhail Shveitser, 1968. And the role of Vikrikar in “Republic SHKID” Gennadiy Poloka, 1966.

The role of Ostap Bender in the movie “the Golden calf”:

He also starred in the films “the King stag” in 1969, “the meeting Place cannot be changed” 1979, “Little tragedies”, 1979, “Look for the woman” 1982, “Love and pigeons” 1984, “Queen Margo” in 1996, “Fifteen rooms, or Sentimental journey home”, 2008.

In the film “Love and doves” Sergei Yursky played a colorful character – uncle Mitya.

In 1990, Jurassic debut as a filmmaker, putting on his novel the picture of “Chernov/Chernov”. Also voiced cartoons and has worked as a dubbing.

National artist Sergey Yursky died this morning, February 8, 2019, at a Moscow hospital. The actor was 83 years old. The daughter of artist Darya Jurassic called the reason for the death of his father in cardiac arrest.

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