Sentsov was brought to Moscow for the exchange, the penalty for prayer and “Syria is feeding the Crimea” news Krymnasha

A well-known blogger Crimean Bandera collects the most resonant news from the annexed Peninsula. Read the new edition of “Crimean – Ukrainian passports, but the Russians are trying to convince them.”

1. Occupants in Crimea has sentenced to Delaware Gafarov, who is accused of participating in “illegal armed formations of Ukraine”. Crimean Tatar was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime. Read on for details.

2. The picture of Kyle announced that Oleg Sentsov “brought to Moscow to exchange with the Ukrainian side”. Defenders Sentsov not yet have any information on this.

Oleg Sentsov

3. In Sevastopol, the invaders fined believers for singing and prayer in the Park.

4. Sevastopol. It turned out that soldiers from Dagestan, beaten on the beach omega family with a child, was still on drugs. So come in large numbers ihtamnet, who serves on the BSF, was out with my brother who came to visit him. Well, the friends caught up.

5. The Russian invaders (on drugs?) continue military-terrorist military exercises in the Crimea. The aggressor performed a combat launches of missiles from the su-30CM for sea targets imaginary enemy in the Black sea.

6. Residents of Armyansk again complain that the occupiers of their poison. Some believe that they hold for idiots. Others respond that they are idiots and there’s, again, besides whining in the VC, don’t do anything else. The air is again saturated with the acid stench, falling leaves (usually in October). Read what I write.

7. Occupants reported that “to prevent adverse environmental situation” at the plant “Crimean Titan” was stopped by one shop, as well as “increased flow of milk of lime and water in kislotostabilen”. Apparently, the situation is very critical.

8. In 2018, the occupants opened with fanfare the Big Sevastopol path. Near the route on the Fig noted medieval pottery kiln. In 2019 from the oven was nothing left. This furnace was used for firing tile. It only loaded about 500 tiles of 5-6 kg each. Total: 2.5-3 tons under the temperature of 1500 degrees for 10-24 hours. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO BREAK?

Cave monastery Shuldan and Chilter-Marmara VSO already. Why are Russians such savages?

9. The volume of foreign trade of the Crimea with Syria for the first time exceeded 200 thousand dollars, said the occupiers. The propaganda published this news under the title “Syria began to feed the Crimea”.

Residents of Simferopol were quick to comment: “This is what we Syria to sell something?! The ass or the soul?!”, “That’s news to me”, “pride does not. So-so trade. Trade with Syria, only those who himself is not recognized”, “Three of a pallet of oranges for all the time from Syria, has brought, and there is 1 container with buckwheat sent. This entire trade for 5 years. They are in the meeting 20 times more money spent”, “Ahhahahah, straight pride”, “aren’t you ashamed to post?”, “Subtle trolling of the Crimean people”.

10. In Evpatoria the group published an article which States that the inhabitants of the Crimea EN masse register themselves with Ukrainian documents, and firms, helping to draw up the treasured book with Trident and get to Kherson DP “Document”, breed on the Peninsula like mushrooms. Residents of Crimea and rashist commented on the publication:

“(Peter writes) Before you will receive the passport of Ukraine, don’t forget to jump!”, “Sit at home in St. Petersburg and not clever! Or you suddenly decided that your opinion is in authority?”, “TV presenter of the channel “Russia 1″ Sergei Brilev, when he obtained British citizenship, probably also jump?”, “Solovyov also jumped when the residence permit in Italy was received”, “THEY HAVE half of the government has dual citizenship, real estate abroad, accounts in banks abroad, children are studying abroad, are treated abroad, holiday abroad. And here they are only on earnings! But such “Hudyma” (from Peter) all around looking for fools, while fools for them – in the mirror, Abramovich, probably, still can not stop”, “(Again from Peter) that the Ukrainians bombed purely concrete”, “Explain why Ukrainians should bombanut? Then change the shoes to the Russians again change to the Ukrainians for bezveze”, “don’t be silly, you’re as krymchanin know that without Russian citizenship in the Crimea can not live, or should I go!?”, “Do not stir up hostility and negative attitude towards Ukrainians. St. Petersburg enjoy better scenery, breathe”, “So in the Crimea and all Ukrainians, except bonehew. You listen to what Feldman said about Russia prior to 2014, oxy nil…”, “I have two passports. Not the fact that Crimea will remain in Raschke”, “Yes, we are citizens of Ukraine in Crimea! What? We have our own history. Our ancestors invited the devastated Crimea, and Ukrainian arms Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Ternopil regions of Crimea has become all-Union health resort. And if today the state against Russia considers Crimea as one of the subjects of the Federation, this does not mean that people have ceased to be Ukrainians or renounced Ukrainian language and culture of their homeland. And the rating of Ukrainian passport is pretty high, why and Yes?! It is worthy for its passport holders. In the global balance of passports Ukrainian passport is a 24 place”, “how many abnormal broke while our passports in the heat. Basically, those who have never been to Europe. It is not necessary. They are here and well fed – on TV”, “the Absence of a passport does not mean loss of citizenship, it’s just the loss of the documents, besides the Crimeans are all greatly over the years intertwined with Ukraine, we don’t have here take and drop”, “more Ukrainian priority”, “Raska, go away, plz zaipali“, “A gadili Ukraine, and now here now, have to go for a passport, Troshkov eyes opened”.

PS And another message from that last paragraph will make at the conclusion of the issue: “there is an Interesting situation. So, the Crimean – Ukrainian passports, but the Russians are trying to convince them. If I read a post from 2013 – early 2014… the passport of the citizen of Ukraine “stronger” than the Russian”. The exciting thing is that in this “the Sitch” Crimeans, so to speak, in unison, but not for ausvays with the two-headed chicken.

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