Senator Rand Paul went to remove a hernia in Canada


Senator Rand Paul (Rand Paul) will travel to Canada to have surgery for hernia, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. However, he paid for the procedure with cash, refusing the American insurance services American doctors.

Surgeons will be able to treat the injury, which he received when he was attacked in his house at the end of 2017. Neighbor Sex Renee Boucher was charged with assaulting a politician. Boucher said he was mad because the Floor repeatedly dumped rubbish near his home. The last straw was a bunch of fallen leaves, which the Senator left in the neighbour’s territory.

Floor after treatment showed the Boucher account for medical expenses in the amount of $ 4,000, but the final amount may be more, because the Senator decided to do the operation on the hernia for cash in Canada. The cost of this procedure is from 5 to 8 thousand dollars.

The hospital where Paul will undergo treatment, clinic Gratsis, – “the world’s only licensed hospital involved in the restoration of hernia”. Why the Senator chose this place.