Selective justice of the FTC: guilty Without a trial

Today was held the FTC of the racist scandal on a match “Shakhter” – “Dinamo”

The following decisions were taken:

1. “Dinamo” will play one home match without spectators (plus one match without spectators probation until the end of the season 2019/2020).

2. “Dynamo” fined 500 000 UAH.

3. Tyson suspended for one game and another two on probation.

The official statement on the issue of FC “Dynamo” – here.

In this situation, it touches the most?

1. A criminal case of the Kharkiv police, but before its completion, the CDC shall on the basis of the reports of the match delegate, safety officer, may, match referee. As I understand it, while the case is not officially closed, no sanctions and penalties cannot be taken.

In this regard, another question: if Kharkiv the police did not see it as racism or not deemed a sufficient evidence base or something like that – in General, consider that anything terrible has not occurred, what actions will take our UAF-AF in this case? Hindsight will return spectators to the match?

2. Dynamo appealed to the FC “Shakhtar” (the owner of the field), in the SEC “Football” (the official repeater) to provide video and audio, but video is not received, and even the official answer. Can it be interpreted that the video confirming racist action, not as a class? I think the conclusions for themselves have the right to make every one of us.

3. The Secretary of the FTC Igor Grishchenko said: “For us, the main evidence was the official reports from the match. We reviewed video, a common on the Internet, saw the reaction of the players, “Dynamo”, and drew attention to the actions of the arbitrator.”

That is, the decision was made on the basis of the reaction of the PLAYERS, “Dynamo”. Well, not nonsense! Soon based on the reaction of the players will goals count?!

4. As it was before? Remember the scandal on a match “Olimpik” – “the miner” at the end of 2017, when from the sector, which was located at “fans” Shakhtar were heard openly Pro-fascist neo-Nazi charges. What happened in the end then?

KDK FFU then still decided to prohibit the organized departure of supporters for the next AWAY match of the championship, the fans could attend the game by purchasing separate tickets for the conventional sector.


Now compare: the maximum a half-million fine, closing the stands at a home game (average attendance of home matches of “Dinamo” in the championship 16 775 spectators). Total losses, not counting the image, will be, will agree, is not less than a million. And on the other scale a ban of the organized departure of fans at the away match. Comparable sanctions? In our country, unproven racism is a much bigger problem than Nazism? Or we have allowed the propaganda of fascism? Or Federation allowed these things personally and for one club?

In General, the evidence as I understand it, no, but there is a verdict. The verdict in favor of one top club and not for the benefit of another. As always in Federation with Pavelko.

Let me remind you of two norms of the Charter of the organization. Objectives:

2.2. rozvytok is the popularization of football in the world does, rozumna casno Gris, without budiako discriminat for oznakoyu poltice prinadlejnost, stat, urospora, Rasi Chi s HIH reasons, zrostannya zabezpechennya Yogo rune I mesowest

2.7. versene sport, yaki mozhut vilakati mizh members of the FFU, and also nadanna m relief from order, viznacheno CIM Statute, on the ambush of pavage runot;

And tell me about what is fair play, what kind of respect and equality after all that, can we talk?