Selection of watches for men: why the Swiss is the best?

Nothing inspires confidence like the test of time. Swiss watches for centuries has proved its reliability and confidently topped the ranking of best in the world. Perfect precision, exquisite design and prestige well established for the European manufacturer chronometric accessories.


Well-chosen watch will complete the look and accentuate the social status of its owner

If you select hours, the question arises as to what brand to choose or which model is better, but there is no doubt that this will be the accessory that is made in Switzerland. To choose such a watch with official warranty on the site Watch.Ua. So what caused this absolute leadership in the world market?


Swiss companies are known for their meticulous attitude to production technology. For their products, they use only the highest quality materials – durable steel alloys, gold, platinum, titanium, precious stones and sapphire crystal glass. Much attention is paid to manual Assembly mechanisms. It is like a tradition, because many artists it came from dynasties of watchmakers, for whom it is a family business. As quartz and mechanical watches have high precision. The government carefully monitors the quality of goods, the watch may be considered Swiss only when they are assembled in the country and more than 50% of the parts made in Switzerland. Creating fakes is strictly punishable by law.


It is believed that the watch should cost no less than the monthly salary of her husband. Of course, the accessory that emphasizes the status of the owner and must fully meet him. Swiss companies are ready to meet the needs of each customer. They produce as an elite model, available only very wealthy people, and watch for consumers with more modest incomes. So on the Ukrainian market of popular Swiss brands Claude Bernard, CERTINA and SWISS MILITARY-HANOWA, which already proved to be reliable and affordable. More handsome Ukrainians choose AEROWATCH and FREDERIQUE CONSTANT.

A wide selection of

Watch industry ranks third among the export industries of Switzerland, the country produces about 400 brands. To achieve such volumes allows a wide range of products which can satisfy the most demanding consumer. Swiss watches are the faces of the Royal families, world leaders and celebrities. Despite this, there are many models for ordinary citizens. Design and mechanisms in Switzerland consistently been recognized as the best global exhibitions hours. By the way, the Longines brand received the most awards of the world – 10 “Grand Prix” and 28 gold medals at world exhibitions. Everyone is able to find an option for yourself. For example, sports fans are choosing the brands that work exactly even in the high mountains, such as the brand of rolex. Others prefer models with exquisite design, for example decorated with precious stones.

Technical capabilities

Watch is not only a device for measuring time. Important additional technical features – chronograph, calendar, waterproof glass light in the dark. There are models that are equipped with functions of a notebook, the countdown to the event, or even a compass. All this extends the range of use of the chronometer. It is also important that by purchasing a Swiss watch from the official representatives in Ukraine, the consumer receives a reliable maintenance and long warranty.

It should be remembered that a well-chosen accessory will complete the look and highlight your social status of its owner.


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