Selected country is 2018 according to the magazine The Economist

English the Economist magazine each year ranks the countries with the greatest progress in the development of democracy, in 2018, the first on the list was Armenia.

This was announced by the publication the Economist.

In forming the rankings, the journalists pay more attention to how the country has evolved over the years.

Country will not the most influential or the wealthiest nation, not a country with the most delicious food (sorry, Japan). This year the award marks the progress
– noted The Economist.

The editors noted the democratic transformations in Armenia, which was carried out without casualties. But noted that is still not resolved, a nasty territorial dispute with Azerbaijan, which may erupt again.

In The Economist noted that successful work in one year is no guarantee of future success, and gave an example of last year’s winner was France, which recently stirred up a wave of protests, and the winner of the 2015 Myanmar, which is now “experiencing bloody regression”.

The protests in France

The three leaders also included Malaysia, which in the parliamentary elections gave the majority opposition force and Ethiopia, the Prime Minister of which was a democratic politician and reformer Abia Ahmed.

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