Sea Breeze-2017: Nikolaev carried out an air unit training

In the South of Ukraine continues large-scale international military exercises Sea Breeze-2017. Near Nikolayev has already taken place in aviation training.

For the first time in the history of exercise Sea Breeze training joined the unique tilt-rotor osprey – hybrid helicopter aircraft.

“He’s flying pretty fast, and as the aircraft over long distances. But during the landing he does it like a helicopter. Therefore, the runway did not need. This aircraft can perform the mission for the transportation of special forces,” – said the pilot of the Bell V – 22 Osprey Mike Carwin.

Ukrainians are not far behind and have something to brag about. With imaginary enemy fighting fighter and attack aircraft, performing complex maneuvers. Subsequently, their skills shown by the helicopter pilots, hoisting on Board KA-27 of the victim.

The heads of the Sea Breeze from the United States called the current task, the most difficult in the entire history of exercises.

Every year we complicate exercises Sea Breeze. And in 2017 they are the most difficult in the entire history of existence, – said the head of doctrines, Tate Westbrook.

Just to the aircraft attracted more than 20 aircraft from Ukraine and the USA.


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