Scientists: wives, sisters and mothers are annoying more often than male relatives

An international group of researchers has issued a statement that female relatives — mothers, wives and sisters annoy people more often than men that they are in a relationship, or just the people brought often to communicate. Experts refer to the survey conducted among 1,100 respondents.


In General, the survey showed that relatives annoy people more than roommates and much more often than friends. This is probably due to the fact that roommates have, but with friends people first, spends not so much time that communication became tedious.

Young respondents aged 21 to 30 years more often reported that they find it difficult to find a common language with the sisters. In second place was the wife and the mother. Respondents over fifty years old often it was difficult to communicate with mothers as well as wives or just romantic partners are female, and the third place was shared by the fathers and neighbors.

According to the researchers, the results can be explained by the fact that women are more emotional and often try to be involved in life is important to them . Thus, women can play a more important role for others than male relatives, but at the same time and cause more mixed emotions. Anyway, according to experts, they have presented statistics about the social relationships between people — particularly between family members — is still studied insufficiently.

However, it is worth noting that just over a thousand people took part in the poll — hardly enough to ensure that the obtained results could be considered completely objective.

The study was published in the journal American Sociological Review.

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