Scientists warn about the increase in powerful earthquakes in 2018


According to a new study, tiny changes in the speed of rotation of our planet will be the cause of increased earthquakes around the world this year.

It is believed that the increased seismic activity may be caused by fluctuations in the Earth’s rotation, which changes a tiny amount. “Five times in the last century the increase in the annual number of earthquakes with magnitude of 7 points or higher by 25-30% coincided with a slowdown in the average speed of rotation of the Earth,” say Roger Bilham (Roger Bilham) from the University of Colorado at boulder, and Rebecca bendik (Rebecca Bendick) from the University of Montana.

Earthquake with magnitude of 7 points or more are the most destructive and can cause considerable damage and lead to death. Bilham who works with the BBC’s Science in Action, notes a new study analyzed the correlation “between the number of earthquakes and whether this day is a fraction of a second more or less.” Due to the change of the rotation speed of the planet’s tectonic plates shifted, the difference can be millimeters, but it can give a boost to earthquake.

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